Pumpkin Talipeth

Talipeth is a one of the common breakfast found in almost all parts of Karnataka. Talipeth can be made from Rice/jowar/Ragi/gram  or mix combination of flours. Adding grated vege to any type of talipeth adds a unique flavour to it. Most commonly prepared are from Rice flour though i love the talipeth prepared by jowar( jolla) flour. Here in Singapore though we find jowar flour most of the time the flour is quite old. Now a days i hardly find time to go and buy it so i use the most commonly found rice flour to make talipeth.

Talipeth with chutney



All you need

Talipeth Ingrediants 

pumpkin grated – 1 cup

coconut  grated – 1/2 cup

Rice flour    – 3 cups

green chilli – 2

onion  – 1

coriander leaves – 1/2 cup

oil to shallow fry

salt to taste


talipeth on banan leaf

Method: Mix all ingrediants except oil with little water. The dough should be a little harder than iddli batter. Take a little dough spread it evenly on a banana leaf or you can directly spread on the tava with your hand.

talipeth on tava

 Drizzle oil around the talipeth and let it bake evenly. If you want soft talipeth steam it using a plate on the tava. Bake it on both sides util you see small brown spots after this it will get harder. Serve hot talipeth with coconut chutney.



One Comment Add yours

  1. meera says:

    Hi Roopa,

    Your pumpkin celebration is very interesting. The pumpkin thalipeeth is most interesting and the cake you have presented elsewhere on the blog is something I am certainly going to try and report to you! I amquite fond of pumkin and feel it is not celebrated enough!

    thanks for this!

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