Thondli fry


This is one of the ways we prepare thondli fry commonly known as Thondekayi in kannada. The first time i saw this in singapore was really so happy to find the same vege that i relished with vangibhath, poladhya and palya is in town.

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1 tsp mustard seeds

4 pods garlic

1 green chilli ( can add more for spicy)

1/4 kg thondekayi

1/4 cup grated coconut

1/2 tsp turmeric

salt to taste


The preparation is very simple. Take oil in a deep frying pan or tava to prepare takda. Add mustard as they splutter, add garlic and green chilli. Fry for a inute until garlic is light brown. Add turmeric, thondekayi, salt and stir fry. This should be stir fried for sometime before steaming in low fire. Depending on thondekayi it takes around 20 minutes. Keep stiring occasionaly to avoid sticking to the pan. once the thondekayi is cooked garnish with grated coconut. Serve with rice or chapati.  This dish is often prepared in my hometown by crushing the garlic, chilli and thondekayi give a very nice taste. If the thondekayi is very fresh and small size can be done this way, but takes long time to cook.



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