7 cup Burfi


This is one of the easiest type of near to mysore paak sweet, with less ghee. At first whenever my mom used to tell 7 cup sweet i used to think it was made of 7 different types of flour. This burfi is made of mainly gram flour, which has a unique flavour like mysore paak. This sweet turned out quite sweet of my liking so have used 2.5 cups sugar instead of 3 cups. Next time i will use 2 cups is right as 2.5 also was quite sweet. By right i should call this 6 cup burfi 🙂  🙂

7 cup burfi 

gram flour – 1 cup

Grated coconut – 1 cup

Milk – 1 cup

sugar – 2.5 cups

Ghee – 1 cup


Take a heavy bottom vessel. Keep a plate greased with ghee ready. Fry gram flour with 2 tsp of ghee to remove any raw smell of flour. Meanwhile heat milk and add sugar so that it helps to speed up the process. Now mix ghee to the fried gram flour, add coconut, milk and sugar mixture and mix it thoroughly. Heat the mixture in low flame until the mixture leaves the sides of the vessel. This took for me around 30 minutes. Pour the mixture to the greased plate and cut into desired shapes.


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  1. Nireeksha says:

    wow…i loved the way it is done. I hope it works well and tastes like the pretty mysorepaak.The blog is awesome. Especially idea of telling ingrediants in Kannada.

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