Tofu Beensprout Fry

Tofu and bean sprout get along very well.  This was my very first vege that i had when we stayed as a paying guest. A little story behind how i learnt of tofu.  The very first time we landed in Singapore that is 10 years ago, yes it has been 10 years!!.  The owner’s wife was a vegetarian but i was very suspicious, as she told me today she will cook and i need not cook though i was reluctant to take it but finally agreed. I also was very new to the cooking world ever since from my school days to my engineering i hardly cooked any full meal. After she finished cooking she showed me tofu fry and told me i can eat this as this is pure vegetarian but i was harldy aware of what is tofu made of?? When i had a look i felt a sour smell with the bean sprout more looked like jelly kind at first look i thought it was some worm which is supposed to be vegetarian for these Singaporeans. The owner was very nice to me and explained how Tofu was extracted from soya and also had a look at the raw bean sprouts which looked so fresh wow i though to my self! The first time i had this dish i did not like the taste of it slowly i started to adapt it and now it is favourite food for my family. This is best when cooked fresh.

Tofu Fry 

Tofu – 3 huge chunks

Bean spourts – 2 cups

onions – 1

green chillies – 1

cloves – 2

cinnamon – 2 pieces

Fennel seeds – 1 tsp


sambhar powder – 1 tsp

salt to taste

coriander leaves

garlic – 2 pods

Cut Tofu into small chunks like how we do for paneer. Heat oil in a pan, add fennel seeds, cloves, cinnamon fry for a few minutes add curry leaves. Add green chillies onion fry until onoins are light brown. Add garlic fry for a few secs until slight brown. Add tofu and fry it on high fire until brown layer formed on each of them. Add bean sprouts, turmeric powder, sambhar powder salt and continue frying until bean sprouts change color.


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