Amte(Bimbal) Kayi Pineapple Amti/KayiRasa/Gojju


All you need

Amte kayi – 4-5

Pineapple/Bittergaurd/lady finger – 1 cup cut to chunks like for sambhar

seseme seeds – 2 tbsp

chana dhall/thoor dhall – 2 tbsp

dried chilli – 5-6

jaggery – 2 tbsp

jeera – 1 tsp

methi seeds – 1tsp

salt to taste



Fry seseme seeds, chana dhall seperately until it is light brown in color. Fry chillies, methi, jeera in little oil. Now grind the fried ingrediants with coconut to form a coarse paste. Boil the amte/pineapple if using fresh in water and salt until done. Since i used canned pineapple i skipped the boiling and also used less jaggery for the gojju. Now add the coconut paste, jaggery and salt as required. The gojju taste must be sweet , sour and spicy taste. The sourness comes from Amte kayi. Raw mangoes can also be used in place of Amte/bibal. Preparing bitter guard gojju this way, the bitterness of bitterguard is neutralised by sourness of the mango and adds a very nice taste with an amout of jaggery.




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