Vegetable Uttappam

This is the most common vegetable uttappam prepared when ooo the dosa batter goes a little sour. It is a great taste maker for kids as they love the colorful dosa which just does right for them. Good  even for a quick lunch box for kids.




2 cups Rice

1/4 cup urad dhall

1 handfull of channadhall

1 handfull – Avallaki( poha/puffed rice)

2 tsp of methi seeds

For uttappam

1 – carrot grated/beet/cabbage/choice of vege

1 – onions finely chopped

1 – green chillies

finely chopped coriander

Method: Prepare dosa batter by soaking the dhalls and rice and grinding it in a mixer grinder. Let it ferment for 8-12 hrs. This uttappam is done on the third day for us. Here in singapore after the third day a fermented dosa batter will go slightly sour which is right for this uttappam.

  • With a dosa pan prepare spread the dosa batter like a thick dosa

  • sprinkle carrot/onions/green chillies/coriander, sprinkle a little oil/ghee close a lid for the dosa to steam

  • Flip the dosa with care, let it roast the vege slightly, serve with green chutney



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  1. Vini K says:

    Hi Roopa,thank you for visiting my blog.You have a nice blog here !The uthappam looks beautiful and very colourful indeed.

    About the coconut buns,I would say(based on my readings as well as experience),never try making breads with only whole wheat flour.This is because it has larger amount of fibre than refined flour and results in a denser loaf.You can substitute upto half of the total amount of flour with whole wheat flour(aata).I have baked using this proportion and have had satisfactory results.However,this is just a guideline.You can start by substituting 1/4th of the total flour with whole wheat flour and see.Then try the 1/2 of the flour with whole wheat flour(You combine whole wheat and refined flour).see how you like the difference.Goodluck.

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