This is one of my favorite side dish for pooris and baturas. There is very funny but yet to say a initiative to try new recipes.  This was during the first fews months after my marriage, i had an immense liking to try new recipes. At that time there was one cooking series at the local channel and that week hosted for one type of cholle I can’t remember the name. The recipe called for using tamarind paste. Due to my interest I did not want to go wrong with this dish so i recorded the whole procedure. But to my utter disappointment i ended up with a very very sour cholle. My H ended up pouring water and even then the sourness was dominating. I ended up throwing the whole cholle 😦 .  This made me realise i can watch/read cooking series does not mean i have to follow exact measurements of the all with blogging it is different. What we see may not be used and also the variations is different quality of ingrediants used, gives us different tastes and also matters on individuals.

Until today when i prepare this dish my H never forgets to refresh us with those days 🙂 .

All you need

Chick peas – 1 cup(soaked overnight and boiled until soft)

potato – 1(boiled)

onion- 1(cut finely)

cholle masala(everest) – 2 tsp

turmeric powder – 1 tsp

pav bhaji masala- 1 tsp

fennel seed powder – 1 tsp

coriander powder – 1tsp

chilli powder – 1 tsp(optional)

garlic paste – 2 cubes

ginger paste – 2 cubes


corainder leaves – 1 tbsp

mint leaves – 1 tbsp

green chillies – 1tsp

paste 2

onion- 1

tomato – 2 ( depending on sourness) 🙂

coriander leaves for garnishing

  • Take a kadai , add whole garam masala cloves/cinnamon/star anise, fry until nice aroma spreads

  • add cut onions fry until translucent, add ginger garlic paste fry until raw smell disappears

  • Add onion- tomato paste , add all the dry powders fry until the oil releases

  • Now add mashed potato, boiled chick peas add 2 glass of water and salt . Check for taste.

  • Simmer the mixer until a thick gravy forms, now add the coriander-mint-chilli paste let it mix with the rest and boil for another 2-3 mintes.

  • Serve with puris/baturas/parotas.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. sia says:

    ha ha ha roopa, now u r learning;) now i follow the same ingredients only when it comes to baking. rest all depends on our taste.
    last week i made chole bhature twice:) will post my recipe soon. almost identical to ur recipe:)

  2. Roopa says:

    hmm, oh what a coincidence. well it is 10 yrs girl!But an unforgetable cooking disaster!

  3. KF says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog..Here u have lot of nice recipes,dear I cannot see ur pics,Is that in flicker??But All the recipes are great.

  4. Roopa says:

    KF – thanks for stopping by! Yes the photos are in flickr
    Which photos you cannot see?

  5. asha says:

    Roopa,nanage gotte oralilla ninna blog ide anta!!

    How did Sia know?:D

    I love the recipes and Kannada words too.It’s so good to see those:))

    Chole masala looks delicious.I have to goand check out all your recipes right now,bye and see you later:)

    Thanks Asha
    i had left my url at sia’s comment section
    Basically nandu wordpress nali maddide addake gotagila
    Thanks again Asha

  6. asha says:

    Went thru all the recipes.You have got some really authentic dishes,thanks for posing them Roopa.Now I will not miss of your posta,I promise:))

    will look forward for your visit

  7. dhanya says:

    You too have a beautiful blog here Roopa… i liked your rice recipes…will try some of those!!

    Dhanya thanks for visiting!
    Do try and let me know how it turns out!

  8. shivapriya says:

    Hey Roopa
    You have a wonderful blog and really loved the way you posted in kannada. Thanks for stopping by my blog, also loved the pineapple rice. It’s my favorite. Will keep visiting ur’s.

    Hi shivapriya Thanks for the wonderfull comment dear!

  9. Richa says:

    wow one more chole recipe!! today is my lucky day I guess!
    great recipe & pic! everyone has some variation which makes it so amazing.

    Richa Thanks for visiting!
    looks like chole in season, i too saw a lot of cholle recipes at the same time!

  10. just for fun says:

    Its my fav, tried few recipes but didnt came out like the restaurant ones. Next time I will try yours :)thanks

    sure give it a try!
    Thanks for stopping by.

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