Pulav series, Chutney and Bean Sprouts Pakoda

After long i remembered mung(green gram) sprouts Pulav, which was some years ago one of out favorite pulav’s not so even now but just some how i forgot about it until lately i saw Asha’s post on matki pulav i recollected the recipe. i have used green mung bean sprouts you can use matki beans or Green chana.Heres information of mung bean



All you need:

green bean sprouts – 1 cup ( soaked for 1 day and leave to sprout for 2 days)

basmati rice – 2 cups soaked for half an hour

masala: coconut grated – 1/2 cup, green chillies – 4,coriander leaves – 1 cup, garlic pods – 6, ginger – 1″

tempering: cinamon – 1 stick, cloves – 5, badi elachi – 1, bay leaves- 2, onion – 1 big sliced, ghee/oil for frying

Garnish: coriander leaves and lemon juice


  • Make a paste of the masala keep aside
  • Heat oil/ghee in pressure pan , add the tempering fry onions until slightly browned
  • Add masala paste, turmeric powder and fry until good aroma
  • Add rice and fry for 2 minutes
  • Add sprouts, vegetables(optional), water, salt and pressure cook for 2 whistles
  • mix lemon juice, garnish with coriander leaves and serve with cucumber raita

Lauki/Milk gourd peel chutney

This chutney can be made with tender peels of bottle gourd/milk gourd/cucumber. The use of skin olden times were very precious unlike now we are at haste and little do we make use of them.



All you need


sorekayi/lauki skin – 1 cupsorakayi_chutney_ingre copy, cumin seeds – 1tsp, fenugreek seeds – 1/4 tsp,

coconut grated – 1 cup, dry chillies – 5, salt and tamarind to taste

Tempering: mustard seeds -1 tsp, hing – a pinch, curry leaves and oil required

Method: Fry all the ingrediants seperately except coconut show in the picture. Grind it with salt and tamarind paste. Prepare the tempering and serve

Bean Sprouts Pakoda

This is a little similar to the kanda bhaji that we prepare using onions. Using sprouts leads to very crisp pakodas. I came upon this when one of our guest would not like onions here is the type of sprouts used




All you need: bean spouts – 2 cups cut into halves, spring onion stalks- 1 bunch cut finely, onion- 1 big cut into thin long strips, gram flour -4 tbsp, rice flour – 1 tbsp, corn flour – 1 tbsp, salt and sugar – 1/2 tsp, chilli powder – 2 tsp, mint and coriander leaves – 2 tbsp

method: mix bean sprouts, onions, spring onions stalks, salt and and sugar keep aside for 5 mins. Salt and sugar with onions release water now add remaining ingrediants and mix well. mix the flours as required using the water released from veges. Deep fry in oil until crisp.


25 Comments Add yours

  1. viji says:

    The puluv, chutney and pakoda are so nice. I too like sprouts puluv. Using lauki peel for the chutney is a good idea. Nice post. Viji

    –Thanks viji

  2. Asha says:

    Roopa,I loving the Pulav series.Mouthwatering items here.Love the chutney photo.

    I replied to your comment on my Sago vadas(it was an old last year’s post, just upgraded the photos yesterday!):D
    Don’t you have Google Reader to check the new posts? Desam lists too but it’s easy to create your own list.

    –oh Asha, thanks he does it really amaze you i am flying. I am aware of the Google and some others but innu madilla, will try sometime during my daughters hols to do it!

  3. Nupur says:

    Sprouts pakoda is a lovely idea!

    –Thanks Nupur, my next P is ready for your A-Z, i have missed all of them!

  4. Aruna says:


    Pulav thumba chennagi kannuthide.
    Thx for visiting my blog, Keep coming again.


    –Sure Aruna!, i would be visiting yours too will add to my blogroll too!

  5. bee says:

    roopa, do we need to perssure cook the sprouts? can we add them towards the end?

    Bee, oh yeah you can go ahead do that too, pressure cooking this way makes easier for my kids to eat. i haven’t tried that for healthy meal yeah sprouts are better had raw. i make cucumber with sprouts as raita or salad for us.

  6. Richa says:

    wow, cool collection! love the pressure cooking type of quick recipes 🙂 pakoda looks yummy, very unique variations you have there for the good ole’ bhajia 😉

    –Thanks a lot dear to find this unique hope you would try them too!

  7. sunita says:

    Absolutely loved the pulav…sprouted beans is such a healthy ingredient…

    –yeah suni, one way to make kids eat, else my daughter, never likes it but would be happy if i make her eat raw, that happens only with mayo

  8. Lata says:

    Looks great. I will try this sometime as I make Spourts every week.

    –Thks lata!

  9. sandeepa says:

    Pakoda with sprouts is a very good idea Roopa, going to make this soon

    –This is something which i hooked up sometime ago, sure try it sandeepa.

  10. Deepa says:

    mouth watering and yummy pakoda’s …that too spourts pakoda ..Great Man ..Thks for sharing

    –Deepa it is indeed yummy try it!

  11. Sreelu says:

    Pakoda’s look delicious, green gram might compensate for the guilt cloud of deep frying

    –Yeah true usually i am not person who deep fries a lot, but last two weeks i have been coming week hopefully i would want to resist it!

  12. Reena says:

    love everything but that sprouts pakoda is my favorite. it looks so crispy and healthy 😉 i would go for that.

    Thanks Reena

  13. Rinku says:

    Have not tried this with sprouts, sounds amazingly healthy.

    –Hi Rinku welcome and thanks for visiting!

  14. just for fun says:

    Lovely pulav and a wonderful pakoda. Never tried pakoda with sprouts, seems very healthy. Nice recipes Roopa 🙂

    -Thanks jasu, hope you can try them sometime!

  15. sia says:

    pulao series? cool… i am all ears err eyes;) ashakka will surely remind u of all forgotten recipes with her wonderful food marathon every wednesday 😉
    loved that chutney but i make it very differntly. so gonna try ur version as i have got fresh lauki from stores:)
    and just loved the idea of using bean sprouts for making pakodas:)

    –Thanks sia, Asha is one who keeps inspiring all of us right 🙂 if you don’t see her comment its like you are missing something. Would like to hear your version of chutney but my Amma used to make differently. try sprouts it turns very crispy too!

  16. mandira says:

    Roopa, I am so glad I saw this.. I have moong beans sprouting. Will certainly try this for dinner tonight. 🙂

    –Thanks mandira, i am happy that you would be trying do let me know how it turns out for you!

  17. Ramya says:

    Wow!!! the pulav looks amazing!! and the Beans Spourts pakora looks very interesting!!! 🙂

    –Ramya thanks dear! sprouts for pakoda you will love it and it is hard to tell it is fo bean sprouts as it turns as crisp as onions!

  18. Cynthia says:

    Ummmmm, nice spread Roopa. I particulary like the sprouts pulav.

    Can you tell me… when you soak the rice, the liquid you add to cook it, is it the same as on the package or less given that it has been soaked?

    –Thanks Cynthia,
    Usually pulav is prepared by basmati rice. You can use the liquid to cook it. I use usually 1:1.5 times water to cook. Do measure the water soaked too. I am not sure whether there is instruction on the rice package for bastmati rice. i have found the water varies with the different brands of rice you use and also with the brand bought at different times too as older rice absords more water than new ones. i would say it is best to experiment which works best. You can follow the same amount of water regardless of soaking.Soaking makes rice fluffy in texture and does not stick with other grains.

  19. Sharmi says:

    the lauki peel chutney is very new to me will book mark it. loved the look of pulao. nice recipes!

    –Thks dear do try it somtime!

  20. shilpa says:

    Roopa, yavattu sprouts pulav try madilla. tumba chennagi kanista ide. Ninne tane sorekayi thogondu bandiddini, chatney khandita try madtini. Pakoda maDde eshto dina aytu. Ella recipes tumba channagive.. thanks.

    Shilpa molakke pulav esta ayitha, e pakoda namma favorite so bean sprouts thumba tandaga yella madthini my kids love it too! tumba thks shilpa.

  21. ramya says:

    wow mouthwatering recipies.nice ones.the photos r good and the recipies r wonderful.good ones.

    Ramya thanks dear! hope you can give them a try sometime!

  22. Sushma says:

    Roopa, I always added sprouts in salad but never tried it out in Pulav. Thats a really nice healthy variation. Also like the recipe of Lauki chutney, thats pretty new to me .. Thanxs so much for sharing

    @Sush, happy that you found it interesting. sprouts for pulav would make it more filling and nutrtious too so try adding them next time especially if you are making a meal for evening from scratch this would help for a good meal with some curds rice or raita too.

  23. swapna says:

    Hi roopa
    pulao looks yummy!!

    Swapna thanks hope you try it sometime, he your url in the comment is most of the time wrong dear! – not “_”. i have checked it take care next time.

  24. prema sundar says:

    pakodas and chutney with pulao looks yummy ….. sabudhana vadas also look great… Iam drooling here looking at the pictures of saturday menu ur hubby made. cabbage an asparagus palya sounds interesting. thanks for sharing.

    @ prema thanks a lot dear to find it interesting!

  25. recipe girl says:

    nice and veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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