P for Patra/Patrode


Patra/patrode can be made in different variations as some were already listed in JFI greens too. Eating colocasia leaves  sometimes you may land up with itchy tongue.I am not sure what causes the itchyness but there is way out soaking these leaves in tamarind leaves removes these itchy feeling. The leaves i get here are small leaves and easy to handle and no intchyness. Back in my hometown,  we grow these leaves in our backyard is very handy to use in case we are short of veges. We make chutney, tokku or we can call it masial(tamil) with garlic tempering. The chutney is similar to preparing of Beetroot gojju which i have posted it and you can find it here. This goes to Nupur’s A-Z of Indian Vegetables



All you need:

colocasia leaves -10


grated coconut – 1/2 cup
soak channa dhall – 1 cup for 2-3 hrs,
rice flour -2 tbsp
coriander seeds  1tbsp
jeera seeds – 1 tsp
ginger garlic paste – 1 tsp(optional)
dry chillies – 10
cinamon- 1 inch
cloves – 5
Black cardamom big – 1
seseme seeds – 1 tbsp
nutmeg – 2 flakes
salt, jaggery, tamarind paste as required


mustard seeds – 1 tsp
seseme seeds – 1 tsp
hing – 1/4 tsp
curry leaves – 1 sprig
onions -1 (optional)




  • Make a  slightly coarse paste of the masala and keep aside
  • Wash the leaves remove stems and thick viens from the leaves without breaking the leaves, dry the leaves
  • Keep a large leaf on the base upside down spread the paste as spreading for sanwiches
  • Take another leaf place it over the paste applied leaf, continue for around 3-4 leaves with applying paste after each leaf
  • Now roll the leaf carefully like a swiss roll applying paste in between as needed but make the circumference small to get a nice roll
  • Steam the rolls in pressure cooker for 2 whistles. let it cool
  • Cut the rolls into circular rounds


There are two ways to serve

  • Prepare the tempering using mustard seeds, seseme seeds, hing, and curry leaves to the circular rolls and serve


  • Cut the rolls into strips , heat oil add the above tempering add and fry sliced onions until translucent
  • Add the cut strips and fry until it turns slightly golden brown color and serve hot

I prefer the second method and love it, hence serve the same way.

note: You can skip soaking by using gram flour also would have the same result.

Freeze these rolls  in zip lock bags would be handy snack on a rainy day.


21 Comments Add yours

  1. bee says:

    wow, there are a lot of patra recipes this week. i love seeing them all.

    –You are right Bee a lot of versions , you will love making them too! try it once ……you will make it again…

  2. elaichietcetera says:

    Now, here’s the recipe I want!!! It has cinnamon and elaichi.. is that ‘kala/ badi’ elaichi in here?

    hi and welcome!, it is black cardamom. look at the link.

  3. TheCooker says:

    wow. looks good.
    This is similar to the Maharashtrian Aloo-wadi (aloo~patra). The masala is slightly different though.

    Hi and welcome! Yeah this similar to Aloo-wadi we call it pathrode, slightly it has a sweet, spicy flavour!

  4. musical says:

    i love pathrode/patra and would love to try your stir-fry recipe. Yummy one, Roopa.

    –Thanks musi, it is indeed very yummy …….

  5. Nupur says:

    These leaves grow in my parents’ backyard too! Such a wonderful recipe, but I have never mustered the courage to try making it yet 🙂 Your instructions are very helpful.

    –some years ago even i was like you but when i saw these leaves in the market i bought it but it had so much that i coulnd finish it just making tokku so i tried with few leaves and they were a hit, actually it is not as difficult as it may seem. Give it a try nupur!

  6. indosungod says:

    Roopa, the pathrode looks like a super snack. I have seen the recipe in a lot of blogs and want to try it out but alas where can I get colocasia leaves? Should check in the grocery stores here.

    Hi Indo, it is an yummy snack. Try looking at the indian stores you might have some luck. here too we find it only in one store.

  7. Asha says:

    Roopa, yummy looking Pathrodes.I have never made them at home.Beautiful entry.Thanks girl:)

    –Asha try madi, nammanelli yavagalu irathe freeze madiddu.

  8. Coffee says:

    Did you get the leaves from mustafa?????? The other day even MT found it in mustafa!!! Only when I go I never find it there!!!!! HUH!!! 😦

    Loved your version of the stir fry 🙂

    –Coffee try going to mustafa on friday evenings or Sat evening when they get fresh stock. i always am at luck and buy almost every 15 days. But it is sad we can find only at mustafa. Good luck dear:)

  9. themistressofspices says:

    Roopa, baayali neeru barutha ide. Will have to try it.

    –Aruna try madi nodi!

  10. Richa says:

    love that patra, so have you frezen a batch for the wknd 🙂
    i’ve always enjoyed the sesame in the tadka, also liked your way of sauteing it with onion, Yum!

    —ha ha you are right girl, i have a frozen for weekend. thanks Richa try it if you can find these leaves.

  11. themistressofspices says:

    Roopa, baayali neeru barutha ide. Will have to try it.

  12. Aruna says:


    Baayali neeru barutha ide.
    Will have to try it.

  13. Nalini says:

    Hey, I’ve eaten this a few times when I lived in B’lore;but always as steamed rolls!! Very tasty and very nice recipe. Great pictures to drool on in the morning!!:-))

    hi nalini, thanks dear actually i never ate this in any resturants and even i do not know off. this is one of my favorite which my mom used to prepare for us. thnks for the inspiring comments!

  14. Anita says:

    Hmmm, a much spicier version, I see!

    –Hi Anita and welcome to my world! The masala the way we make is slightly different but your pictures are awesome!!!!!

  15. Sreelu says:


    I love patra, mostly buy the frozen ones in stores. Never knew the background of making. Thanks for the recipe.

    —Sreelu, try if you get the leaves even i used to buy frozen ones before we found these leaves. But making it your own way you can add your own blend of spices which you like and would taste yummy!

  16. Sharmi says:

    these days I find this recipe every where. now have to go and buy this.
    nice one!

    –yeah Sharmi i delayed this post for long seeing so many recipes of patra, hmm its tempting to buy and try right! Good luck 🙂

  17. Suma Gandlur says:

    Never tried them. I have seen frozen leaves here. But not sure how they will turn out.

    –Suma i am not sure with frozen leaves how it turns out, but you can try it with a few leaves

  18. sia says:

    ayyooo…. u wicked lady…..enage patrode tumba ishta…illi kesavu ele sikkuttille:( enage ondu churu parcel madule akku;)

    –ayoo, ha ha zooooooom there you are ninge parcel sikthe, illi enage last year indda kesavu elle sikthu. sia try growing it in you back yard it will grow very fast using 1 or 2 arvi.

  19. sandeepa says:

    Wow so many different patra recipe. I have had the one which is available ready made in stores

    yeah sandeepa, even i was surprised of so many recipes from different parts of India. It so nice to have this blog community to help us know of so many types of recipes.

  20. Sukanya says:

    Its so nice…… It looks YUMMY!….I like it a lot…. It sounds new to me….I realy want to give it a try..

    Hi sukanya thanks for visiting my blog! let me know how it turns out!……..

  21. Poorna Chgandra Rao. K says:

    hi this is Poorna chandra from mysore, am doing a project on traditional fermnented foods of karnataka,in that line, I wanted some information and any traditional fermented food product used in karnataka, Kindly let me know, the details of the products if you know. My mail I.D is pckrao.06@gmail.com

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