Sweets- MBP

The ever changing weather in Singapore. Again this weekend is a wet weather, take  a look at the view from my house


This is my chilli plant growing hapily at the window sill


Halwas has a special place in our home. We all are lovers of halwas carrot, beets, kashi halwa.  When Suma from Veggie platter blogged her halwa recipe i had bookmarked it to be tried. My mother in law makes burfis the same way but never knew it could taste excellent as halwa, suma made me realise it was just excellent. Thanks Suma for the wonderfull recipe.

Basically i followed Sumas recipe. I used 2 big milk Gourds which yielded basically 7 bowls of grated gourd. i used 2 cups of sugar. You can find the recipe here


Here is the wonderfull Badusha that i tried from Lata from La Gourmets blog and from Manekas recipe at Pachakam. Thanks to both of you for the success of the Badusha. I used measurement from Maneka’s recipe

flour – 2 cups

yogurt – 1 cup or more

baking soda – 1 tsp

saffron threads – 10

sugar syrup

sugar – 3 cups

water – 1 1/2 cup

One variation is i used dalda for mixing with flour, soda and salt until crumble stage then add yogurt to form a soft dough. Shaped into flattened balls covered with wet muslin cloth and refrigerate for 1/2 an hour. Deep fried in low flame in corn oil. soak in sugar syrup of nearing 2 stage consistency for 12 minutes. Remove from syrup and let it dry before serving. The longer it is left the taste enhances. Like the next day it was more tasty.

Note: Try to make like jalebis or jahangirs or rava laddus on the same day to make full utilisation of the syrup left over.



This is my entry for Coffee’s  MBP -sweets


14 Comments Add yours

  1. Coffee says:

    Ever changing I am sure!!!!!!! Which part are you in? I am in the east!
    Thanks for the wonderful entries. 🙂 The halwa looks great! I have never eaten badushah though!!! Must go and check out whats it like!! 🙂

    yesteryday half way while commeting server went down :(, later was very busy…..
    i stay in the north though i work in the east he he 🙂 Any part we stay it is ever chaning see again today its a wet day i guess not sure. Badushah is very tasty but yet very heavy also try it you get it in all the sweet marts here.

  2. Aruna says:

    Roopa, sweets are my weakness, ur soorekayi halwa & badusha look very good!!!

    Thks Aruna, here too i have have a great tendency to eat sweets…

  3. kajal says:

    WOW………Delicious my dear.
    Great job.:)

    Thanks Kajal! look forward to see you here again!

  4. sandeepa says:

    Love that view from your window. Wow you are having a sweet weekend

    Yeah A very sweet!!!!!, await my next post is more sweeter and divine…..

  5. archana says:

    Lovely view from your window, Roopa. I would love such a climate.
    Both the sweets are looking nice , never had badushah, will check out the recipe . Nice entry for MBP.

    Thks Archana, hmm climate is nice as long as i stay indoors….. May be i will describe briefly how i tried the badushahs…..

  6. viji says:

    Roopa, lovely entries. No one resist. Viji

    Thanks viji

  7. Asha says:

    I love the rainy and windy street there Roopa.What a beautiful sight? We are burning up here at 83F!!
    I used to make Kashi Halwa and Badhusha in B’lore,but not lately.Both look great.Great entries.I will post mt MBP on Tuesday.
    Maga chennagiddana ega, cast tegedu tumba dina aaytu alva?

    here evening it was very warm…. so just can’t guess. My badushas never came out as good as this one. Will look out for your entries … maga magalu full zoom nalli enjoy madtha iddare. nan tale yella ketu hogathe ibbranu sambhalishralli.

  8. bee says:

    wow. those look very very good.

    Thks Bee, we had a very high on sweets weekend…….:)

  9. prema says:

    Hi Roopa,
    We were staying in singapore for a couple of years sometime back and I loved that place. Wonderful roads… very good transportation… lots in Singapore I love.
    Halwa nad bhadusha have turned out very well Roopa. we do learn a lot from our fellow bloggers isn’t it?

    Hmm yeah its a lovely place to stay, roads and transport is very good, but not knowing where they stay digging and restructuring all the while :). Very true i am really greatfull to be introduced to the blogs which has helped me improve and learn the art of cooking many dishes..

  10. Ramya says:

    Looks delicious…!! 🙂

    Thanks Ramya

  11. seema says:

    Thanx for asking about me buddy. Naan chennagidini…been busy with my in-laws ashte….Now that they are here can’t really come and sit in front of the comp. How have you been? Kashi halwa is my all time fav and sorekkai halwa tastes very much like it alwa? Badusha never tried this one. Looks delicious lady.

    Howdu Seema kashi halwa tarane iddu, badusha was super delicious try madi….

  12. Kanchana says:

    Ooooooo, looks so good. I gotta head over to Lata’s now.
    Singapore is a beautiful place. Nice write up!


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