Mango coconut Jelly


Today was a tiring day with spring cleaning the bed rooms.  It had been quite sometime that I had cleaned the rooms imagine moving the furniture all around to remove the dust that is stuck very easily underneath. Pulling the vaccum cleaner from one end to the other, trying to make all the joints touch ough.. no i still have to bent out to clean all the remaining which i just can’t reach with my vaccum. Usually Gana helps with the vaccum and i do the rest of the cleaning, but today he had to meet my daughters school teacher., so ended up i doing al the cleaning. I dunno how you guys manage with cleaning the carpets in cold countries. oh only if we had a magic wand to clean all the dust choo mantar… So half the morning i am done, just check my fridge to cook for lunch. Lunch was a comfort dish with tave, tambli, soppina palya and badnekai/brinjal bajji will post this recipe sometime. After lunch I had to keep up my promise with my daughter to bake pizza….evening was a pizza session unlinke i wanted to make some chat. Finally comes the dessert, I had half mango puree left after cooking AFAM so thought of trying jelly which my kids love.

Mango-coconut jelly

Jelly_ingreAll you need: water – 600 ml, saffron threads – 10, coconut milk thick – 100 ml, sugar – 180 gms, whipping cream – 100 ml, ice cream vanilla or mango – 4 tbsp, agar agar – 1 packet, mango fruits cut into small pieces.

Method: Heat sugar, agar agar and water according to instructions. Let it cool for 10-15 mins. mix ice cream, whipping cream well  in a seperate bowl until no lumps. The agar- agar mixture should be warm. Mix in all the other ingredients one by one mixing well. Pour into moulds and serve chilled. Enjoy the delicious jellys. It makes atleast around 15 pieces.

Note: The quantity of liquid may vary according to instruction of the agar agar packet. I used 12 gm packet which is meant for 1 litre. Mine was little less than 1 litre so i guess you can add any one of the ingredient more to obtain more less firmer jelly.


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  1. Viji says:

    Nice treat for kids roopa. Viji

    Yeah great treat for kids !

  2. asha says:

    Roopa,usually Arvind does the vacuuming the carpet.I don’t like pushing it everywhere!:))
    Sometimes I ask the kids clean do it since they are older.Oota sounds great,post the recipes.Coconut Mango Jelly looks great.Nenne Indian storege hogiddevu 100miles form here.Padavala kai,Heerekai ella siktu,kushi aaytu.Ivattu Memorial day rajaa,Moviege hogteevi “Pirates” madyana.
    Have a great Monday:)

    Howdu Asha so troublesome, this is the first time i did all myself after wuite long time. Cool hope my kids also will help me as they grow ha ha 🙂 When i was busy doing this my kids were jumping oh the cot u know and playing with all the mess there lol… tough time. Cool so you did find padavalakai heerekayi enjoy! cool enjoy the movie!. Recipes post madthini this time i never took photos i will post after somethings get settled at my place 🙂

  3. Vini K says:

    hmmm…perfect jelly.Only yesterday we got a load of mangoes..lots of new recipes to try now..thanks for sharing,Roopa:)

    Thks dear 🙂 yumm i am hearing all of you got mangoes :o, i too will try to get indian mangoes this week.

  4. archana says:

    Roopa after such a tiring day you made a lovely pudding thats gr8. I liked this eggless recipe .The shape and texture of the jelly is fantastic

    Thks Archana, IT is very easy nothing much of hard work but seeing the kids we all forget we are tired and always are ready to make something for the kids :). Being a weekend kids always are looking out there is something special for them even it is a simple one it brings a smile on thier face.

  5. Coffee says:

    Cool!!!!! Loved this version of jelly. And lovely shape too!!

    Thks dear ! hey i had preserved the marigold jelly moulds that i bought few days ago!

  6. bee says:

    roopa, can we substitute the cream with something else?

    Bee you can skip the cream or substitute more of mango puree and coconut milk. I added it just to make it more rich for kids 🙂

  7. Sreelu says:

    looks very good. We started getting Indian mangoes at our local Indian stores ,a box costs whopping $40.
    I am sure your daughter loved it. thanks for the recipe

    Wow Sreelu, yumm mangoes i still have not got enough time to go may be coming weekend. give it a try 🙂

  8. mandira says:

    Roopa – this looks so delicious. great treat for your daughter

    Thks Mandira, i sure treat for kids may be will use this recipe for her bday too 🙂

  9. Ramya says:

    Loved the shape of your dish!! and looks gr8.. I’m sure your enjoyed it!

    thks Ramya, the kids even my hubby and dad enjoyed the dish. well for the hape i just preserved the jelly containers bought last week for my kids 🙂

  10. Sukanya says:

    O o this is awesome …..different recipe….Nice shape….

    Thks sukanya, give it a try!

  11. indosungod says:

    This is a sure fire kids favorite. Will give it a try.

    Yeah sure hit, my daughter is always looking out in the fridge it is tough time during hols to keep them busy with diffn kinds of food.

  12. sunita says:

    In our houser it’s Dinesh who is responsible for all the vacuuming…the jelly looks cool…

    Thats good but sometimes my h gets busy so i have we take turn but 80 % he does it. Thks dear 🙂

  13. sia says:

    LOL at ur spring cleaning session i haven’t yet started mine
    mango jelly looks quite delicious and very pretty. i have just brought a pack of gelatine and have to make something using it

    howdu sia, only during my daughters hols i am get the time to do cleaning, Actually you can use gelatin instead of Agar Agar. I somehow never tried gelatin yet as i found i can use agar agar as substitute i use this.

  14. Cynthia says:

    I wish I was at your house today to have some of this

    ur welcome Cynthia 🙂

  15. Lakshmi says:

    wah! Jelly looks yummmmmmmmmm. Makkalu enjoy madirabeku.

    It is one of their favorites! That too with mangoes they enjoyed it!

  16. TheCoooker says:

    Love the shape of the jelly!!
    Can I use gelatin instead of agar-agar?

    yes you can use gelatin, thks 🙂

  17. Seena says:

    Very easy preparation..will try out..did u try uploading using photobucket?

    Sorry Seena, will try using photobucket next time :). i do have an account but never used for this blog.

  18. Richa says:

    wow you made such a yummy dessert, kids must have really enjoyed it.
    hey that looks real good, guess can do it with other fruit puree as well right?

    kids loved it! you are right it goes along with any fruit puree.

  19. sandeepa says:

    Wow you cleaned and then cooked so many stuff. I love how your jelly looks

  20. Dilip says:

    great jelly…love the picture…ohhh yes the Mysore Pak is great too…I am make it sometimes…I really enjoy it…thanks for sharing

  21. Sharmi says:

    that is a very inspiring dish and looks beautiful. will have to try out sometime. it must be yummy.

  22. Roopa says:

    @Sandeepa, Sharmi Thks and do try out it great for kids

    @Dilip Bhai thks for you inspiring comments and do visit again!

  23. swapna says:

    The jelly looks lovely roopa.

    Thks dear! 🙂

  24. prema says:

    u did such a lovely dish after a tiring day… that s really great.

  25. TBC says:

    This looks so good!
    Love the picture!

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