RCI for Punjabi Cuisine

Punjabi cuisine is the most well known cuisine not only in India but around the world too. Punjabi food who doesn’t love them? cooltext49334985.pngWell I have never been to punjab but the i love the parathas curries and flavoured rice. Punjabis are great lovers of wheat, they hardly cook plain rice for regular meals. Their  rice is flavored with cumin/or a varied number of spices. To have a quick tour of the cuisine of Punjab visit Richa’s As Dear as Salt who is hosting Lakshmi from VeggieCuisine’s RCI  for Punjabi Cuisine.

Handi Vegetable Biryani

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All you need:
for the paste:
quartered – onions 1
ginger – 2 inch
garlic pods – 5

To make Rice:
Basmati Rice – 1.5 cups
whole garam masala
bay leaves – 2
cinamon – 1 large cut into medium pieces
black pepper – 1 tsp
cloves – 6-8

chilli powder – 3 tsp
tumeric powder -1 tsp
garam masala powder- 2 tsp(punjabi everest)
yogurt/2 tbsp
tomatoes – 1
mixed vegetables(carrot/beans/cauliflower/peas)

to fry
cashews – 8
onions sliced thinely – 1
capsicum sliced – 1

Method:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

  • Make a paste of onion, ginger and garlic.
  • Soak rice for half an hour. Cook rice in salted water and whole garam masala until grainy. keep aside let it cool.
  • Take oil in a kadai, fry cashews to gloden brown drain keep aside.
  • Fry onions until crisp drain and keep aside. Fry capsicums until soft.
  • Half boil vege like beans/carrot/potato in  microwave for 2 mins, preserve the stock for gravy.
  • Take a wok to make the curry, heat 2 tbsp ghee/oil
  • Fry the paste until raw smell dissappears, add the masala powders and tomatoes cook until tomatoes are done
  • Add mixed veges, salt Bring to boil add curds. stir well until oil seperates out.
  • Take a oven proof casserole grease oil or butter
  • Add the cooked1/4 of the cooked rice. Spread half of the curry. Add again 1/4 of rice spread the half of onions, cashews capsicums, coriander leaves. Again repeat with rest of the rice
  • Seal the caserole and bake it for 15 mins at 230 c.
  • Serve hot rice with any accompanied raita.

Recipe source: Bawarchi.com

Mushroom Mattar Makani (source: Tarla Dalal cook book)

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All you need
Mushrooms – 2 cups(i used button mushrooms)
Boiled peas – 1/2 cup

For paste
onions – 1 sliced
tomatoes – 1 cut into chunks
garlic pods – 4
ginger – 2 tsp
cashews – 4 cut into pieces
Boil all the above and grind into paste

jeera/cumin seeds – 1 tsp
kasuri methi – 2 tsp
garam masala – 1 tsp (punjabi Everest)
chilli powder – 2 tsp
Cream – 1 tbsp
coriander leaves for garnish


  • Take oil/ghee in a kadai add cumin seeds when hot.
  • Add the masala paste once the cumin seeds are light brown color
  • Simmer for few minutes until oil seperates
  • Add all the masala powders, salt and cream
  • Add mushrooms and peas and bring to boil. Garnish with coriander leaves
  • Serve hot with parathas.

29 Comments Add yours

  1. archana says:

    Both the recipes are too good. They are looking very tasty 🙂
    The presentatin for Biryani is gr8 🙂

    Thanks Archana, indeed i loved the biryani though the masala sounds similar the taste was quite different.

  2. Bharathy says:

    I missed sme of your recent entries…how come?did you post it altogether recently//coz you were away as well!!!
    Nice entry for RCI…didnt know all these belong to Punjabi..
    Love Handi biriyani with mushroom masala..Thatz the ULTIMATE combo…hope you had a fabulous treat with those two!!:)

    NEver mind dear nice to see you back with this post! Well even when i checked out i never knew before this it was a punjabi cuisine. yeah we did have a great weekend with the combo. Thanks dear!

  3. sra says:

    Your entry’s very inviting!

    Thanks Sra, glad that you liked them!

  4. indosungod says:

    Tasty Combination. Slight variations in the spices give a different to Biryani everytime. The Mushroom Makhani looks delicious.

  5. indosungod says:

    Sorry Roopa should have read “Slight variations in the spices give a different taste to Biryani everytime”

    Thanks ISG, hmm yes very true of spices.

  6. TheCoooker says:

    Both the dishes look delicious.
    I’m going to try the musroom for sure.

    Thanks Tc, glad you are going to try it.

  7. bee says:

    i have mushrooms. will try your dish.

    Do try it, the kasuri methi gives a lift to the taste.

  8. Richa says:

    wow! that looks awesome, the gravy looks so good. did you pressure cook the masala or just boil in sauce pan?
    biryani looks yum, very well presented, loved it.

    Thanks Richa! i cooked gravy in a saucepan, half boil vege seperately in microwave i will update the post. thanks for highlighting

  9. sharmi says:

    that is a delicious entry. looks yummmmm!!!

    Thanks a lot Sharmi looking forward for your post!

  10. sukanya says:

    They both are looking very YUM!…..colourful dish……love it…

    Thanks dear!

  11. Jyothi says:

    Hi Roopa! vegetable biryani looks yummy. I want to try this. Great entry too. Thanks for sharing.

    Hi jyothi, thanks dear! do try it, the biryani tasted great.

  12. Coffee says:

    perfect meal combo!!!! Love your version of Mushroom makhni and if you have biryani to go with it!!!! WAH! Great entry

    yes truly a perfect meal but though i did not cook both on sameday :). thanks!

  13. Asha says:

    Ooh! Both dishes are yummy and goes well together as well.Next time ,cook both on the same day!:D
    Love the Handi Biryani Roopa.Great entries:)

    yeah next time i will cook together. Thanks Asha! looking forward for your entries.

  14. Suma Gandlur says:

    Both dishes look yum. Somehow I have never tried to cook biryani and never even heard of mushroom matar makhani.
    Thx forr sharing these recipes.

    Thanks Suma! welcome back after long time. Do try the biryani and makani both turned out delicious for us.

  15. sia says:

    oh ho ho ho…. 🙂 looks like someone is busy cooking all yummy punjabi food. bk in my college days we had one small dhaba few kms away from coll n we friedns used to go there in our bike and eat food in dhaba style with all those lorry drivers sitting around 🙂 it used to be fun….

    yumm yeah love those dhaba food. oiy long leave nalli yellige hogidde? update photos on your vacation. missed you girl 🙂 good to see you back dear !

  16. just for fun says:

    Your mushroom is mouth watering and the rice too.
    Both are great 🙂 nice recipes.

    Thanks jasu

  17. Deepa says:

    excellent one ….yummy and tasty ..both looks great

    Thanks Deepa, do try them too.

  18. Ramya says:

    Hey, the biryani looks wonderful. I’m sure it would have tasted gr8.

    Hi Ramya nice to see you back dear. Have you finished up with your moving?. thanks for visitng even with your busy moving.

  19. Hi Roopa, the biryani and mushrooms both look wonderful — I’d love to have for a midnight snack!! With your recipe too, I now have a good reason to get some whole garam masala so I can try 😉


    Thanks Linda, do try them yeah midnight snack oo… mam you have inspiration for the midnight. yeah whole garma masala does add to the taste to the rice.

  20. sunita says:

    Loved both the recipes, especially the second one…love mushrooms..

    Thanks dear!

  21. prema says:

    oooooooh biriyani and mushrooms … Iam fasting today and I am drooling over here looking at all these lovely recipes.

    oh Prema fasting i know how it is. healthy to do once a while i should again try fasting…..

  22. sandeepa says:

    That mushroom makhani looks too good. Have never tried it

    Same here too until i checked out my collection, totally forgot about it. Do try it Sandeepa!

  23. Laavanya says:

    Roopa, the biryani and mushroom gravy look absolutely tempting… it’s a definite must-try.

    Hi Lavanya welcome to my blogosphere!. Do try it and let me know dear!

  24. R roopa says:

    Hi Roopa
    It likes to me saying my self hi ,bec_ my name also same .i wanna introduce Iam roopa i just found u r tresure recipe kitchen i so happy for that .we are living in usa (maine) with my 3 year old son & my husband,whenever i wanna make diffrent dish i come to chek u r’s web i will try some items those are really very good thanks for sharing
    nannu karnataka dhavallu actully namadhu native place hubali hathira .kannadadhalli nimma recpies nodi bahala snthoshvayithu

    Hi Roopa! Namaskaragalu nana lokakke swagat! nanage atyanta santosavayithu namma karnatakadavaru nana blogige bandi eradu vartegalu helidare nange tumane protsaha sigathe. Mathe banni happy cooking!

  25. kajal says:

    Hi Roopa,
    Great entry…….both recipe is delicious……….I also thought I make this vegetable biryani but you make first so I change it…….Your dish looks perfect with Punjabi Cuisine.:))

    Thanks Kajal!i will look forward for your entry too.

  26. shivapriya says:

    Yummy Briyani, Nice entry. Enjoyed reading your meme. I’m like u when it comes to pets:). Not that i’m worried but somehow I love watching them from distance.

  27. Ujwala says:

    Thanks ri comment maadidhikhe. Nimgu nimma maneyavarigu Ganesha chaturthiya shubhashayagalu. Jog falls photo sakathagidhe! Neevu maadiruva thindigalannela noodidhare, nange Bengalooru naapaka barathe. Maddur vade nanna fav. Shall try it some time n let you know how it turned out antha. Allivargu happy blogging.

    Nana lokhakke nimage swagatha. hope you enjoyed the dishes. Enjoy your weekend with Ganesh chaturthi 🙂

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  29. Medhu says:

    Hai, wat great dish yar good!nanu kannadavalu manglore navalu.ninna yella recipe ista aithu.

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