ಶೆಂಗಾ ಚಟ್ನಿ ಪುಡಿ/Peanut Chutney powder and Me Me


My blogger buddy Archana tagged me for this Me Me  about 7 random facts. 

  1. I am crazy about collecting mysore silk saris basically light weight silk saris ha ha even though i rarely touch drape it around once a year or two i do keep buying them and i can never resist the different shades of colors. Last year I stopped myself  from visiting the shops at little India, then seeing a crowd range at Haniffa i couldn’t stop myself and again ended by buying 2 saris one is yet waiting to be adored.
  2. I am crazy of bags I buy and change bags every 4 to 6 months. Whenever there are stalls put up near by our neighbourhood we call it passar mallam here unlike the melas/jattare in India. We get to eat (not really for me) and buy all the nice nice stuff from clothes to kids toys to kicthen usage which i love to gaze at. Apart from the eating stuff, only wished there were some chat stalls too. Even though i hardly buy any stuff i would love to stroll around the stalls.
  3. I love to gaze at the plant store/ horti garden  store and buy atleast 4 every time i visit and half of them do not survive the weather here. yet do not stop buying them making my hubby really check his pocket now and then. looks like the green thumb is not taking my side yet. Travelling up and down to office i keep looking out at the private houses where they would have grown beautifull plants and trees which I love to own one day when I return  to India :).
  4. Hazy reactions. I really do not know at times how to react to people I give very blank face, while the other person is expecting a rection from me gets an unexpected gesture, I really hate myself during such stupid reactions. I should call it a dumbo which I repent later but what is the point? I still can’t figure out why I behave hazely at some situations.
  5. My first mysterious sambhar was a hilarious experience. I hardly know the name of any of the spices I stayed away from the kitchen most of the time. The first time my hubby asked me to prepare sambhar from scratch how is that was a big question mark.  he: i am gonna invite our cousin too, prepare our style of sambhar rather than using the sambhar powder
    me: hege?? how do i
    he: add some urad dhall, some coriander, little chilli, hing, a bit of jeera fry and grind with coconut thats itand prepare  as usual
    me: oh got it i added how much urad you guess– i think a small 1/2 of a cup ha ha
    he : are you done
    me: yes voagarne hakthini. i just need to to tadka
    me & he: at Lunch oh sambhar does taste good, finish
    me: 🙂 its me who prepared
    Evening at living room watching tv all of a sudden hubby heard something bubbling sound what is it check the kitchen oh the sambhar has started fermentation ha ha ha rolling laughter after how much of urad dhall did you add? oh well i just added half a cup thats it………………. we laughed and laughed then that was the first time, even today this is one of the exp my hubby loves to tell others my first exp of sambhar.But I can’t figure out how it started fermentaion? The wild yeast should have died during the grinding and heating process right. Anyways it left me a very hilarious experience.
  6. I hate clearing bills and filling them at the right place. Lucky my better half clears it and gives only the most important ones which i still have to file. But what i do? I keep it in a most open treasure my h calls it as the open secret draw where i keep dumping until almost to the brim. oh the day come for me to file them, i spread them all over my room and start filling. this is real crazy isn’t it? why is it i am like that i am damn lazy for filling one document to search for the right file and file it at the  right moment that is when he hands over me the docs i am either frying up some culnary in the kitchen or trying to color my hair or simply because i am lazy so what am i supposed to do take the docs neatly pull open the draw align it and continue……….
  7. I do not love or fancy pets but i can admire them from far, I am damn worried half the time whats going to happen to my kids even when they touch or play with any of them leave alone bringing any home even though my daughter loves it. 2 years ago my h’s friend bought a hamester on the pretext of my daughters pleasure,  yeek i just hated the look of it finally was very happy leave it out as could not handle it. Now we just say your brother is too young no pets until he grows up and you can handle pets.

Thats about Me and only Me. I tag  coffee, SunitaSuma,  Ramya, Bharathi, lakshmi and heres a spicy chutney powder with iddilis and dosas. Continue the Me me whoever want to join in. I am certain many of them already have been tagged.

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All you need
1. peanuts roasted and skin removed – 2 cups
2. seseme seeds – 1/2 cup
3. garlic cloves – 4-5
4. dry chillies – 3/4 cup ( according to taste)
5. curry leaves – 1/4 cup
6. asafoteida – 1/8 tsp
7. desicated coconut – 1/2 cup
8. sugar, salt and tamarind paste to taste


  • Dry roast all ingrediants seperately from 2 to 5
  • Powder peanut to a coarse powder keep aside
  • Powder all fried ingredients with salt, jaggery and tamarind to a fine powder
  • mix asofoteida , desicatted coconut. Store in airtight containers.

34 Comments Add yours

  1. sra says:

    The sambar story is hilarious!

    Ha ha got to be right!

  2. Vini K says:

    He he,nice story about the sambar.never heard of sambar fermeting?he he he..the powder looks great.I make similar powder but without the garlic.

    yeah so it is funny right!

  3. indosungod says:

    I am big fan of chutney powders and I thought I had tasted most of them but have never tried one with peanuts. Looks good.

    ISG hmm this is one of the famous powders heary north karnataka, do try it goes very well with rotis too.

  4. Asha says:

    #1,2,3!! HeHe!! You are a girl,what do you expect?! I used buy a blouse and look for the Sari to match although I wore Sarees only on my wedding and a week after that!:D
    @4,you are dumbo, but just become uncomfortable with strangers at first and then once you know them,you are okay, am I right? It’s normal for some.don’t worry.
    # 5,hilarious but you did learn very well!:D
    #6, I am opposite of you!:))
    #7, I hate those Hamster too but love Dogs,grew up with big dogs but have a small Bichon now.You could buy tiny dog,they are good with kids.
    My fav part, yummy Shenga chutney,so good just to look at it,goes well Oats Thalipitt!
    Hugs,hope very soon you will have your own garden,start growing your own veggies and flowers!:))

    For 1,2 and 3 it is normal for all ladies right but my H feels i am crazy, 4 you understood me right. 6 i would want to become like you hopefully soon he he i dunno when. Tiny dog hmm may be when we go back India i will give it a thought

  5. sia says:

    ROFL roopa… loved ur sambhar story 🙂 will tell u abt my first cooking exp someday.

    ha gotata en sambhar kathe hel heli negeyadtha, hosdagi maduve ad couple bandagella adige batha? antha surumadi ede first kathe nana exp heli heli hegeyadtha. nin kathe helu noduva yella maja anisthu ega kelokke…..nice memories alda….

  6. Richa says:

    hey, that was such a funny meme. i too like to collect sarees and then wear them just twice a year 😦 this year had a few weddings to attend, was so happy to finally model in them sarees 🙂 heh!heh!
    lovely chutney, will definitely try it sometime!

    Same case for all of us right, can we ever run away from all this whenever i visit India i see my friends with such beautifull sarees i get hooked on it and end up buying again :). do try the chutney powder….

  7. archana says:

    It was fun to read your Meme 🙂
    I am with you with bags. I am crazy for bags. That bubbling sambhar is too funny.
    The chutney is nice . I would like to try your version 🙂

    Thanks Archana… you too..do try the chutney powder.

  8. bhags says:

    nice chutney recipe…..I share your feelings for pets…even I cant stand them

    Thanks Bhags…

  9. bee says:

    fermenting sambar? that’s a new one. enjoyed readng your meme. my mom had a hot pink mysore sari. wore it for years and years, then got tired of the colour and dyed it dark green. it’s an absolutely gorgeous colour. it was my grandma’s sari. i still have it. seven years ago i discovered that no one had bothered to attach a fall to it. that sari is atleast 40 years old.

    wow great even i have my moms saris. it was absolute treasure for my mom to buy such saris. I love the shades of blus and green and have a lot of them now have decided not to buy any of these shades.

  10. prema says:

    That sambar one really made me laugh.. nice meme. I love mysore silk sarees too.

    thanks Prema…

  11. sharmi says:

    hey nice and funny meme. I liked your peanut powder. do we have it with rice or idly/dosa? have to try out.

    Thanks Sharmi, you can have the chutney powder with any rotis/iddily/dosa or even rice… do try and let me know.

  12. Lakshmi says:

    Nimma sambhar story keli nanna story nenapaythu. Had a hearty laugh. Shenga chatni pudi…takes me back to those days where it is served with jolada rotti/sajje rotti in Chitradurga/Davangere. I love to eat it with curd.

    howda so nimma kathenu bariri. howdu chutney pudi with mosuru valle combo i too have it at times.

  13. Sig says:

    🙂 I was reading through and when I came to #3, I thought to myself, there is a theme here… she is addicted to shopping, that is me too… 😀
    Loved ur sambar story, and the bills.. oh my, I do the same thing… Instead of just a minute everyday, I end up spending a whole day once a year trying to organize stuff 😦

    Oh i do share someone who also organises on one day he he. lucky here half are electronic else we would have gone mad in organising.

  14. viji says:

    Roopa, quite interesting post. You are like me in many things – mysore silk sarees (though i don’t buy them, but love to see them in shops), starring plants at the nursery, and pets – I can tolerate even Puppy but not cats. You are correct, it is scientifically proved that we will get Asthma because of cats. Can’t imagine keeping them at house. But i love them and used to admire at a distance. Very nice experience about sambhar. The chutney powder is very handy Roopa. Enjoyed reading this post. Tks. Viji

    thnks viji glad to know you enjoyed the post.

  15. TheCooker says:

    Loved the fermenting sambar story!
    Enjoyed reading your meme.

  16. Bharathy says:

    WHOOOOAHHHHHH!!! Somebody got hold of me….finally!!!…had been on a narrow escape so fa…hi hi..Enjoyed your simple..frank..me me..Can I take my own time??…thanx a..he he he.. lot for tagging me.

    Take your time Bharathy! will look forward for yours…

  17. Jyothsna says:

    Funny meme! Fermenting sambar?? Cant imagine that!!! We all have funny cooking experiences!! 🙂 I love plants too and try growing them in this 45 deg C weather!! You can imagine what happens….

    Hi Jyothsna welcome to my aboard, i am glad to see your comment. it makes us laugh even today. plants … you too…

  18. Mishmash! says:

    Sambar story was hilarious, girl!! Had a good laugh reading your entire Meme :)) I t was nice to know about you 🙂 I have a chicken story like this…one chicken did get embarrassed in my kitchen….:D


    He he so all of us have a phase of cooking exp, chicken exbarrased would love to hear about it…

  19. Coffee says:

    Hahahaha Hilarious sambhar stidy Roopa!!! And I am with you on bags…. I go mad during the sale times. 😉

    It was nice know you…… I will take up the tage very soon!!!

    (I hope my comment goes thru this time!!! )

    wo i have someone with me for the bags, i can tell my H am not the only one. Coffee having probs commenting dunno why even while posting i am facing prob need to do something about this. thanks dear will love hear about you too….

  20. hema says:

    Loved your meme. I like mysore silks too, but never wear sarees, so stay away from that department. Sambhar experience was funny. Never made peanut chutney pwd before. Got to try. thanks!

    Hi Hema, welcome to my blog sphere! Glad you enjoyed the post do visit again!

  21. Dilip says:

    great meme…great post…enjoyed reading it…peanut chutney sounds very interesting…thx

    Thanks Dilip Bhai!

  22. just for fun says:

    enjoy reading your me ! me!! nice chutney powder, interesting sambar powder story:)

  23. Suma Gandlur says:

    Loved reading your meme. I used to collect sarees too. I have stopped wearing sarees long ago. Right now, i don’t even have with me even one. Everything locked up in a closet back in India.Still would love to see and buy though.
    Never heard about sambhar fermenting, that’s hilarious.
    Will try your version of peanut powder. I just powder it with chillies and salt, which has been posted on my blog.

    thanks Suma

  24. musical says:

    Lovely meme, Roopa :). THe sambar story is really hilarious 😀

    and i had fascination for collecting saris too (though i hardly wore them). the color and texture is just so enticing…..and i do have a bag fascination too!

    ooh, and the chutney powder looks good, will make it with the idlis tomorrow :).

    Thanks Musical, its true i just go mad when it comes to choose the right color.

  25. sandeepa says:

    Loved reading about you…I go wild at garden stores too and love having big trees in my backyard…

    Thanks Sandu, hey hey got one more on to my craze. now your plants must be blooming full…

  26. ramya says:

    loved ur me me.sambhar experience is funny.i go on spree while buying sarees here give me a hug.

  27. Padma says:

    It was interesting to read your MEME, I think you can count me in your 4th point, even I am act sometimes dumb….and repend afterwards…Hey I liked your peanuts podi….About me, I am new blogger….

  28. sukanya says:

    This is so nice and interesting………Love it…..

  29. swapna says:

    Hi roopa
    i am looking for this powder from a long back.thanks for sharing it.
    Loved ur sambhar story.:-D

  30. Roopa says:

    🙂 you too here coming to you dear 🙂 hugs…

    hi and welcome to my blogosphere.. and keep visiting again

    thanks dear

    @ swapna
    Thanks and do try it and let me know….

  31. Deepa says:

    Roopa …Nice reading on the MEME ……I have also tasted my MEME y’day ….

    Thanks dear! yeah iread it yesterday.. but somehow had problems with my net i could not comment will check now again…

  32. i never left a comment on your meme! thanks for creating it.. the sambhar story is funny! love mysore sarees too. have a huge collection.

    Thanks dear for taking time! i know you are a busy mom 🙂

  33. Manorama Kulkarni says:

    Who hoo-I bought 11 Ilkal saree when I went to ilkal..Like I am not going to live tomorrow. All worth it 🙂

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