Watermelon Mousse

Watermelons are one of the favorite fruits, here it is available all through the year. We are fortunate in Singapore we get to find logo.jpgall the different varieties of fruits from all over the world. We love all the different kind of melons available and we rarely blend it into juice or any desserts. I am still wondering how to select sweet melons which we are still naive at. Most of the times we buy melons its ends up semi sweet or at times tasteless then find its way to the blender to blend it for a juice. Luckily for Bee who is hosting the AFAM Watermelon this time when my h bought the melon was super sweet. Honestly i had half mind to use it blend it to any recipe. I just used one quarter of the melon the remaining we relished the fresh fruits, but was extremely satisfied with the end result. This is my contribution to this month’s AFAM for watermelon hosted by Bee which is initiated by Maheswari

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All you need
Water melon puree – 1 cup
lemon juice – 1 tbsp
sugar – 1/2 cup
heavy cream – 4 tbsp
Agar Agar – 2 tsp ( gelatine can be substituted)


  • Puree water melon removing the seeds
  • Add the agar agar and boil the puree
  • Turn off fire, add lemon juice and sugar allow it to dissolve
  • Refrigerate it stirring now and then until it is thick to stick to the back of a spoon
  • whip the cream and fold in to the watermelon
  • pour into moulds and refrigerate for half an hour or until done

34 Comments Add yours

  1. sia says:

    fantastic recipe roopa. would never ever dream of making watermelon mousse. it looks perfect. when i first saw the pic i thought it was strawberry mousse 🙂

    Thanks kane! yella en hubby idea, but at first watermelon hege iratto? kadge nodirre first class agi bantu… yeah light pink because of the cream….

  2. Coffee says:

    How did you ever think of that!!! A nice variation indeed! 🙂

    Thanks coffee, all this goes to my nubby dear who gave the idea, just use watermelon pulp and try…. there it came out wonderful…

  3. archana says:

    Wow this is such a lovely recipe. It is looking perfect, and has set well. How did you get this idea ?I am bookmarking it 🙂

    Thanks Archana, it tastes great try it…

  4. sharmi says:

    waw that looks so pretty! will never feel like breaking it with spoon. nice one.

    Thanks Sharmi, true i preserved one last hiding from my kids for the photo….

  5. Komal says:

    wowwww…that looks soo good!! how creative

    Thanks komal for dropping by…

  6. Asha says:

    YUM!!!!! Looks sooo pretty Roopa.Great recipe and great entry.Lemme go and grab a spoon!:)

    Thanks Asha.. he he bega banni…

  7. bhags says:

    This one is really innovative and it looks lovely

    Thanks Bhags.. do give it a try…

  8. priyanka says:

    This goes on my to do list. Very creative. Thanks for sharing

    Thanks Priyanka… do try it its a lovely dessert….

  9. Richa says:

    that looks so yum 🙂 i too never know if the melon is ripe, luckily most of the times it turns up good, people have told numerous ways to find that out, none seems perfect 😉

    Richa you too.. i regret so many times as kids love to relish the sweet fruit at times they are not so lucky…. but now i am gonna have lot of recipes so thats so good to do with the tasteless watermelons right….

  10. Tee says:

    this is an interesting recipe…never had watermelon mousse.
    the pink colour is so pretty and inviting! must give it a try…

    Thanks Tee, i myself was surprised by the taste and look…. thanks for the suggestion of selecting watermelons… i have tried that but very difficult is what i don’t get it is how hollow the sound should be ? will try to experiment with this again….

  11. Tee says:

    oh, forgot to say….to see if water melons are ready, tap them with your finger, if you hear a hollow kind of a sound, its ready.

  12. sra says:

    nice recipe, roopa. like the pink.

    Thanks Sra….

  13. sandeepa says:

    Wow…you are so creative…the perfect shape and colour woos me

    Thanks Sandu, do give it a try ….

  14. TheCooker says:

    What a great idea! The colour looks fantastic.

    Thanks TC…

  15. bee says:

    that is so pretty. must have tasted gorgeous too. great entry. thank you.

    I must really thank you for letting me try out a recipe with WM….it tasted just as good as it looks Bee.. you can omit the cream if you don’t prefer dear 🙂

  16. Suganya says:

    Looks very pretty Roopa. That rose colour particularly.

    Thanks Suganya.. i too never expected that color oh when i purreed the watermelon it was so dark ha the cream made all the difference…

  17. Roopa, mousse looks absolutely fabulous! Very creative indeed!

    Thanks Roopa… oh am i thanking myself? he he thanks dear…

  18. Musical says:

    Ah! that mousse looks gorgeous, Roopa! i know, its so difficult to pick and choose a watermelon!

    Thanks Musical! oooo so most of us are in the same loop to check for ripe melons

  19. Laavanya says:

    Roopa.. that looks so good. Seems pretty easy too.
    Thanks for a great recipe.

    Thanks dear 🙂 and you guessed right its very easy too…

  20. Jyothsna says:

    Thats pretty! Fantastic idea, Roopa! The colour is beautiful! Check out my watermelon icecream I posted today!

    Thanks Jyo, i think both of us ended up comenting at the same time at each other’s blog 🙂 what a coincidence

  21. Lakshmi says:

    Roopa ….roopa…. iga nimma recipe nodi nimagondu hadu hadbeku anistha ide. “ahaaa.. mousse na anda nodi nooru aase bandide, iga marketge oodi hogi watermelon tandu bidale…. ”
    sogasgi kantha ide ri…

    Oh so sweet of you Lakshmi, i am flattered by you comment dear 🙂 try madi nodi next time melon sweet illa andre idu ondu bageyalli ruchiagi irathe.!

  22. Dee says:

    That looks so tantalising!!!!

    Thanks Dee 🙂

  23. viji says:

    Very cute roopa. Tempting one. Viji

    Thanks Viji

  24. sushma says:

    Hey roopa
    great recipe! really nice .. i lov chocalte mousse.. this i shud try i guess.. hey r u havyaka?

    Hi Sushma, choclate mousse i haven’t tried yet i shud give a try!. howdu navu havyakarui from sirsi

  25. ramya says:

    wow roopa u r flattering me with all these nice goodies and variations.never heared watermelon mousse.great one.

    Thats just a trial and worked out good 🙂

  26. Suma Gandlur says:

    Such a novel idea.

    Thanks Suma

  27. Dilip says:

    wonderful mousse…and no eggs too…lovely…looks really yummy…thx

    Thks Dilip Bhai!

  28. Kanchana says:


    This sounds like a delicious recipe. I can’t wait to try with all kinds of fruit puree. Where can I get agar agar?

    ps. I added you to my links

    Thanks Kanchana, exactly you can use any fruit puree. well agar agar is substitute for vegetarians you should be able to find in chinese grocery shops. Try to buy the powder you even get it in stalks which looks more like a nooddles.

  29. That’s a beautiful mousse, Roopa! I love the color 🙂


    Thanks Linda 🙂

  30. Nupur says:

    That’s a good looking mousse ….very innovative !! I would definitely try it the next time I get watermelon 🙂

    In our house hubby dear is the one who selects the melon and thankfully he is almost always right 🙂
    …check out my salad and cooler made with this fruit …and let me know what u think about it ..

    Thanks and welcome here! i will checkout your too!

  31. prema says:

    Thats wonderful thinking Roopa.. I too would never have thought of watermelon mousse. And without eggs this one can sure be tried. thanks for sharing roopa.

    Thanks Prema!do try it with any purree….

  32. kajal says:

    WOW……mouth watering……Nice photo.:)

    Thanks Kajal!

  33. Raaga says:

    Looks awesome!

    Hi Raaga! thanks and welcome to my space dear 🙂 hope to see you again

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