Pickles for Preserve it MBP

Pickles is my contribution for this months Coffee’s MBP.Here I go with three pickles.

The first one is RP’s Goosberry pickle bottled last week…..

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next comes Indira’s Amala pickle which was decided last minute since i had few more amalas left. I bottled yesterday hoping for a better view today.

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and last but not the least Manisha’s Ever famous Lemon pickle without oil which has been in my pantry for few months now. I have added carrots, green chillies, ginger and bittergourd after 2 days of resting and which turns out the best mixed vegetable pickle for us.

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RP, Indira and Manisha thanks a lot for the fabulous recipes which will be cherished by my whole family..


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  1. kajal says:

    Great Amala Pickle and lemon pickle. Nice entry for coffee event.I love Amala juice. There are so many items I made from amala in my blog but never try the pickle. Thanks for sharing.:)

    That was very quick!if you love Amala you must try pickles too…i love juice too…

  2. cinnamon says:

    yummmm.. Amla pickle with curd rice is my fav, but never dared to make it 🙂
    I always get it from mum’s place.
    Yours looks yummy yummy!

    Thanks dear:) do try it its quite easy!

  3. viji says:

    Mouth watering Roopa. Viji

    Thanks Viji

  4. Nupur says:

    Ooh, that is a nice idea to convert the lemon pickle into a mixed veg pickle. So you made the lemon pickle, and two days later, added other cut veggies and mixed it all up? Is that right? Thanks so much, I am going to try this delicious variation.

    Thanks Nupur!,Yes thats right! yes for me i never changed much of the recipe as such! yeah try it!

  5. Asha says:

    OH! Roopa,bayalli neeroorta ideyamma!! Bettada Nellikai nodi tumba dinavaytu! I love the nellikai pickle.I should move to Singapore!!:D

    I just by chance happened to get the fresh nellikayi and i just couldn’t resist trying the pickles. come on in Asha i would tent every weekend at your place

  6. Jyothi says:

    Hi Roopa, pickles looks mouth watering. Great Entry for MBP. Great idea to change the lemon pickle into mixed veg pickle. I have a doubt….if you add the veggies…is it possible for preservation? clear for me….thanks dear..have a great weekend.

    Jyothi i bottled this for more than 4 months now! i have not added any oil so you can go ahead and try it yourself. make sure to use more lemon juice!

  7. Coffee says:

    My goodness roopa…. I don’t know about Asha… but I am for sure coming over to your place for lunch! 🙂 That Amla pickle is worth a try… I just got fresh amlas from serangoon last week…. I have a few left so can give it a try… Thanks for the lovely entries! All are so amazing! 🙂

    Thanks everything came along, amala and mbp he he 🙂 come on i coffee, so you also happen to get the amalas thats great we made it in time right 🙂 Do try them, i would want to learn what other recipes you make from amala….

  8. Tee says:

    ooh! looks so yummy! I have never had gooseberry pickle, must be tasting really heavenly .

    The smell of the masala and the gooseberry was just mouth watering as i was making them. i am just waiting for it to process 🙂

  9. Richa says:

    wow! aren’t you the pickle fan 🙂 u r lucky to get fresh amla there, love to eat fresh amla with salt 🙂
    good entries for mbp!

    ha ha you are right 🙂 just in time the amalas yummy 🙂 we ate a few too !

  10. Hima says:

    Being an andhraite I dont have to mention that I am fond of pickles. I am a great fan of Amla pickle. Will have to make it here if I get them.

    oh yeah i love the andra pickles but i can’t eat very spicy ones, i still remember the mangai pickle has a different taste than the other pickles. do try if you get amalas…

  11. Manisha says:

    Roopa, fantastic idea to turn it into a mixed veggie pickle! What was the reason for adding the veggies 2 days later and not at the same time as mixing the pickle together? Or do you mean the pickle was ready and then you added the veggies. I am making more pickle this weekend – I gave all of this year’s bounty away but I found one small jar’s worth of lime pickle vintage 2006 to tide us over. Now I want to try the variations that all of you have come up with or recipes that were dug out from other family vaults, like that of ISG.

    Manisha i should thank you a ton’s for this method. i have one last bottle left. Adding veges after two days or even after a week to make the veges and lemon have the same softness equally and also by then the spices would have been readily blend. i guess you could add even on the same day :). i have to check what is ISG’s version too!

  12. sia says:

    grrrr… girl, why oh why u doing this to me 😦 all 3 pickles look soooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooood 🙂 i just bought dozen limes to make manisha’s pickle. hope we get some sunshine very soon:)

    he he 🙂 thanks dear. well i never used much of sunlight just the warmth and weather in Singapore helped the pickle. hope the weather improves soon for you too….

  13. Manisha says:

    Thanks, Roopa!

    You are most welcome Manisha!

  14. archana says:

    The pickles are looking toooooo tasty. Never made amla pickle. I want to try Manisha’s pickle too. Good entry Roopa 🙂

    Thanks Archu, this is my first trial too 🙂 i am just waiting for it to be ready soon.

  15. sharmi says:

    waw lot of ppl making such delicious pickles. my cheek hurts so badly. gooseberry pickles are so tempting.

    Thanks Sharmi! i am waiting for them too 🙂 evryday taking a look when it is ready

  16. priyanka says:

    Great pickles Roopa…. i love all kinds of pickles… btw, where did you get the gooseberries from? i cant find any at the grocery stores here.

    WE too don’t find it all time, it is by chance i happen to get fresh ones. look out in Indian groceries during this month since we find it here only during the season in India!

  17. Dee says:

    you are so lucky to get fresh gooseberrys.we get only the frozen ones here

    Thats true Dee 🙂 indeed else how to devour these pickles!

  18. Lakshmi says:

    heheeee uppinakayi! Loved all of them. My meal is incomplete without a pickle. Yako idralli nanna hand workagolla anuthe. Adikke nanna tangi madida pickles savithini 😉

    Thanks Lakshmi try madi nodi, actually if we are carefull this is the easiest to make!

  19. Poonam says:

    Hey, Thanks for visiting my blog! Your recipe collection looks very good. Will be visiting frequently!

    Hi Poonam Welcome and thanks for visiting too :)! hope to see you again!

  20. sandeepa says:

    Did you add the veggies to Manisha’s Lime Pickle ? So its the same recipe but only with some more veggies ? That seems to be a neat idea

    Yes Sandeepa it is the same recipe no change just add the spicyness accordingly for the veges!

  21. Meena says:

    Hi, New to your blog site…but loved instantly….Yaake andhre kannadadalli ella bardidhu kandu…
    I am from b’lore but eega UKnalli idhini.
    Nimma uppinakayi nodi bayalli ashtu neeru bartha idhe..
    Thanks for sharing the recipes and the links..
    Maadi nodbeku….especially nimbekayi , yake andhre maneli adhu thumba idhe…

    Hi Meena, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! uupinkayi try madi nodi! mathe bani!

  22. sukanya says:

    U make pickles……Great…….Mouth watering ones…

    Thanks dear! do try them its quite simple!

  23. seema says:

    Wow eshtu chennagide…. all of them just look super delicious. Idanna nan gandange thorsde naanu and he is like you need to make such delicious pickles and tell you friend roopa swalpa namge parcel madakke antha hee hee … Yummy looking pickels girl. All of them. One is better than the other

    Thanks girl, glad to see you here :)! oh lol you want them just grab them, seema it is quite easy to churn up a pickle, give it a try!looks thumbane busy edage kanatte?

  24. sig says:

    Roopa, your pickles look great…. I used kashmiri chilli powder, guess that gave the red color… u have a pickle fest here 🙂

    i actually roasted the kashmiri chillies for the first pickle for others i used chilli powder. Thanks dear can’t wait to try them yet.:)

  25. Rinku says:

    As always, stunning pictures. love trying to make pickles, but am not much of a pickle eater.

    Thanks for the compliment dear 🙂 not a pickle girl hmm

  26. Suma Gandlur says:

    You get amlas at your place, I am envying you.
    That lemon pickle seems the favorite of the season.

  27. sunita says:

    Mouthwatering pickles…haven’t had gooseberries for quite some time…

  28. Hi roopa
    the pickles are looking awesome.thinking of amma’s place..:-(

  29. ramya says:

    Hi roopa,
    sorry i am late.but ur pickles r beautiful well spiced and looking delicious can u send some for me.please…….

  30. Roopa says:

    Suma, Suni, Swapna and ramya
    Thanks a lot for all the comments hope you all try them too….

  31. Kanchana says:

    Looks really good. I wish I had some with chapathi right now.


    Thanks dear 🙂 oh just grab it 🙂

  32. anusharaji says:

    envy the fact that u get fresh gooseberries 😉
    luv the pic….mouthwatering

    Thanks Anu, yeah it was just matter of luck i was in time to get them 🙂

  33. Padma says:

    I love gooseberry pickle so much and your version must be tasting divine..tx for sharing

  34. Roopa says:


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