RCI Oriya Cuisine

cooltext49334985.pngThis cuisine is very new to me and I loved to explore the tastes of their food. I realised the food variety ranges from use of dhall  to vegetables with a very unique combination of spices which enhances the flavours of food. The sweet is mostly made of cheese or milk based which varies from kalakhand to rosgullas..More about oriya cuisine at Wikipedia

I have tried all the recipes from 123Orissa.com with some changes for our taste. This is my contribution to Lakshmi from VeggieCuisine’s RCI, this month we are celebrating Oriya cuisine hosted by Swapna from Swad of India

Vegetable Biryani/Khichadi

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  • All you need
    1.5 cup Rice
    3/4 cup Lentils/masoor dhall
    2 Potatoes cubed
    1 cup carrots/beans/peas
    1 cup Peanuts
    1 Tomatoes
    10 Cashewnuts
    1 cup grated coconut
    1 teaspoon Cumin seeds
    4 Red Chillies
    1 cup Onions sliced
    4 pieces of Cinnamon
    4 Cardamoms
    1/2 cup Curd( i skipped)
    Salt & Turmeric Powder


  • Soak Rice for half an hour 
  • Grind the grated Coconut with Cumin seeds and chillies.
  • The recipe used the extract of the ground paste but i preferred to use the grounded paste as it is
  •  Take oil in a kadai  add cinnamon, cardamom fry until fragrant
  • Add rice, lentils, peanuts, cashew fry for sometime until all look slightly coated with oil
  • Add water along with the ground paste, salt and tomatoes.Let it boil now add the vegetables
  • Pressure cook for 3 whistles. Serve hot.

This turned out delicious khichadi and tasted close to our Bisibhelebhath.

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Phul Gobi Do Piaji

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All you need
1 Cauliflower
cumin powder – 1 tsp
Ginger paste – 1 cube
 garam masala – 1 tsp
Tomato – 1
Red chilli powder/green chilli paste – 2 tsp
 Onion – 1
panch phoran – 1 tsp


  • Cut the cauliflower into medium size pieces. marinate with ginger paste, cumin powder and chilli powder/green chilli paste and vinegar for an hour

  •  Heat oil in a kadai and the panch puran spices and fry onion .

  • Add  the cauliflowers into the pan and cover it with tomato pieces. Add the garam masala and salt for taste

  • Cover the lid and lower the flame until cauliflower is cooked fully.

Bhanda kobi Khofta Curry

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All you need
Cabbage – 1 cup shreded
onion – 1 sliced
gram flour – 1/4 cup
coriander leaves – 2 tsp
corn flour – 2 tsp
baking powder – 1 tsp

onion – 1 big
tomatoes – 1
ginger paste – 1cube
chilli powder – as per taste
coriander leaves for garnish
garam masala – 1 tsp


  • Mix cabbage, onions, salt and chilli powder and coriander leaves. let it stand for 5 mins

  • The cabbage mixture will is slightly wet now, add gram flour and corn flour along with baking powder mix it well

  • Deep fry the cabbage pakodas in oil and keep aside

  • Make a gravy by grinding the half onions, tomatoes and ginger

  • Take a kadai with oil fry remaining onions tomatoes along with the ground paste, and chilli powder and salt.

  • Add 1 cups of water and let it boil, the tiness of gravy depends on liking once it reaches a gravy consistency do a taste check 

  • Add the pakodas and serve hot with rotis/rice

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I extremely enjoyed exploring Oriya Cuisine and my family were pleased with the outcome of every dish, Please visit Swapna’s blog for the roundup of the event.


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  1. viji says:

    Roopa, looks so interesting. I learnt that in orissa they call rice dishes as Kichadi. All your entries are really tempting to try. Viji

    Thanks viji, its really so nice to learn dishes form eash state isn’t it. thanks for the lovely words viji.

  2. Srivalli says:

    wow…so many oriya dishes…way to go….


    Thanks Srivalli 🙂

  3. sia says:

    loved all the recipes, especially cabbage kofta. that looks absolutely divine. we too had oriya food for weekend. will post my batch very soon 😀

    so nimmdu weekend oriya cuisine :). made sweet too but too much hurry lets see if still left i will click and post it! will await your entries kane!have a great day !

  4. Raaga says:

    I haven’t even started to do my research 🙂 Nice entry. I love these blogging events.

    Thanks Raaga! yeah its a great way to learn new dishes!

  5. Cinnamon says:

    All the recipes were too good, and I esp loved the cabbage koftas… looks really delicious!!!

    thanks dear, yeah the khoftas were yummy we had with parathas!

  6. indosungod says:

    Bhanda kobi Khofta Curry looks totally tasty. So the Oriya version of Biryani has dal in it? a perfect one pot meal.

    Thanks ISG! yeah when i saw biryani with dhall wanted to try it right away as i need not make sambhar! 🙂

  7. Asha says:

    YAY!! I think oyu are second one after me who came out with Oriya cuisine!:)
    Looks delicious.It is easy and tasty, isn’t it? Both look great Roopa,good choice. Good job girl.
    Eradu recipes maneli easyyagi madabahudu alva?:)

    Right! yeah yeah! i never thought i would make it:) sakath tasty agithu! howdu was simple and easy never thought with such simple ingredients it turns out so tasty!

  8. Wonderful ! I like that cabbage pakoda gravy very much…wud give a try! Thanks for sharing roopa!

    Thanks Nirmala! do give it a try!

  9. priyanka says:

    Oh my you cooked up a full-fledged meal…. awesome…i especially liked the bhanda kobi kofta curry… will try it out:)

    Priyanka all dishes were so tempting and was just right for me to try with the handy ingredients 🙂

  10. sandeepa says:

    Yummy dishes. My Ma makes the bandha kopi koftas, its lovely

    Sandu would like to see your version of the khoftas! Do blog it sometime 🙂

  11. bee says:

    beautiful array of dishes, lakshmi.

    Bee he whats ??? did you see lakshmi’s post and land here ? he he 🙂

  12. ramya says:

    yummy…………recipies.nice entry.

    Thanks dear 🙂

  13. Laavanya says:

    Great array of Oriyan recipes Roopa. T!he cabbage kofta has to be my favorite! 🙂

    Thanks LAvanya 🙂 yeah the khoftas are one of the favorites in the list !

  14. Manasi says:

    WOW! Waht an array! looks Delicious!

    Glad to see you here! thanks for the lovely words dear 🙂

  15. Richa says:

    hey, nice array of dishes u have there! kofta looks so delicious 🙂

    Thanks Richa! khoftas are taking high on the list which i decided on a last minute 🙂

  16. Tee says:

    What a delicious meal! RCI is a such a great opportunity to learn about different cuisines, isn’t it! 🙂

    Thats right Tee! else i would have hardly ever thought of exploring dishes from the east :), looking forward to learn more!

  17. Mala says:

    Looks tasty recipes. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t started to do …

    Thanks Mala! Take you time dear innu time idde alve!:)

  18. sra says:

    So that’s the Oriya version of Gobi Manchurian! Nice menu you have there!

    Sra where is gobi machurian??? that is cabbage khoftas and gobi fry !

  19. shivapriya says:

    Wow roopa
    My mouth is all watery, Cabbage Kofta looks delicious.

    Thanks Sivapriya! glad to see you back 🙂

  20. SeeC says:

    Thats a lot !!! Excellent entry.
    Loved ‘Bhanda kobi Khofta Curry’.

    BTW I have added your blog to my blogroll. Hope it is fine with you.

    Thanks dear!Thanks for adding me to your blogroll too !

  21. Laksmi says:

    Wow Roopa! Delicious entries!

    Thanks lakshmi!

  22. archana says:

    So many lovely recipes. Gr8 . I am still thinking what to make next 🙂

    Thanks dear 🙂 will look forward for your entries !

  23. sukanya says:

    O o…This is looking so perfect……Love it….Nice picture…Great recipe….

    Thanks sukanya 🙂

  24. sharmi says:

    Lovely looking dishes. I am still under the research process.
    All the recipes sound easy and great.

    Yeah Sharmi! i was really surprised by the outcome its just very simple and delicious 🙂

  25. Suma Gandlur says:

    Love the cabbage kofta pic. All the oriyan recipes seem simple and different from the regular fare.

    yeah suma 🙂 thanks for the lovely word dear. the recipes are simple but flavours were very good 🙂

  26. prema says:

    All the recipes look very nice especially the koftas.. very nice entries

    Thanks prema 🙂

  27. Bharathy says:

    What a coincidence.I to made Khichadi with rava base yesterday and posted!!Wonderful entries roopa..Kofta curry looks the yummiest!:)

    Saw your khichadi post . this was the weekend menu dear :)! hmm do try the khoftas the bahjjis were already mouth watering he he

  28. Grihini says:

    That cauliflower kofta looks yumm. The picture itself is so tempting..wonder how the actual dish would be 😉

    he he try it and taste yourself 🙂

  29. Grihini says:

    Ooops..that was cabbage!

  30. kajal says:

    Banada kobi khofta curry…..very nice I will surly try this…..Nice entry for RCI Cuisine my dear every one love Rice plate or Biryani my dear.:)

    Thanks Kajal !

  31. TBC says:

    Cabbage koftas look good.Mybe I will make it for an evening snack (without the gravy). Thanks for the recipe.

    Hope you enjoyed your sncak i am late replying caught up with lot of work!

  32. sunita says:

    That’s a great collection of Oriya recipes…loved the koftas…

    Thanks Suni, it was great meal for us….

  33. mandira says:

    roopa great recipes. banda kofi kofta looks utterly delicious. Will certainly try that.

    Thanks Mandira, nice to have you here and do try them 🙂

  34. Dee says:

    wow! U have laid out a feast roopa! looks really good and tempting…

    Thanks Dee!

  35. lia says:

    Hi iam new here, ur food look great, iam enjoying indian food as well 😀

    Welcome Lia to my blogosphere! hope you liked my recipes too ..

  36. Manisha says:

    Wow, Roopa, that’s an incredible spread! I have never had Oriya food before!

    BTW, you have an award to pick up!

    Oh Manisha i am elated by your award and thanks a ton for passing it on 🙂

  37. Sig says:

    Nice Spread Roopa…. I can’t even think of one recipe, and you have a feast here for RCI… Everything looks great, I will check out that 123Orissa.com site and see if I can come up with something from there 🙂

    Ha ha Sig i am just check out the link you might find one to suite your taste buds. 🙂

  38. Aarti says:

    Lovely entries Roopa.. how can you manage to cook so well from a cuisineu r new to..
    anyways, u have leaded me to the orissa khazana thru ur link.. will try n post something frm there 😀

    thanks for sharing these lovely recipes

    Do try th elink Aarti though the recources were very less this site i found most intersting 🙂 thats how great is the blog wolrd open to sharing right 🙂

  39. Hima says:

    Great entries. Waiting to see the round up.

    Thanks Hima i am also looking forward for the entries 🙂

  40. seema says:

    Henge ishtella Oriya cusine madakke gothu ninge? Nice ones all of them. My neighbor is an odissi and she mad that gobi palya when we had been to her place for dinner. I am gonna try that one for sure. Looks pretty easy.

    ha ha first time kane, yella google madi sikiddu, try madu khichadi anthu bisibelebhath tarane taste bathu palya had good aroma sure i am gonna make this again and again 🙂

  41. sia says:

    where r u girl? no new posts? hope everything is fine @ur end:)

  42. Richa says:

    Wish you a very Happy Independence day!

  43. sia says:

    Happy I-day roopa:)
    i have got something special stored at my place. come n collect when u get time:)

  44. prajusha says:

    happy independence day .
    all ur recipes looks nice. Great entry.

  45. Bharathy says:

    How did I ever missed to blogroll you,baby…:0…I am real Idiot at times you see…:)

    No new posts??what happened?hope you are fine..

  46. Padma says:

    Bandh Gobi Kofta curry looks yummy with that biryani in that plate….can I have a bite?

  47. Hi roopa,
    Nice dishes! Need to go through your recipes leisurely. Nice to see bloggers exchanging notes in kannada.

  48. Maninas says:

    nice blog! i’ll be back

    Thanks, hope you keep visiting again!

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