Methi-Paneer Rice and FAHC


Left over rice who doesn’t have ?  Last week we had been busy with events at office and cultural events over the weekend from our sangha in Singapore. Admidst of our kids final exams for non-tamil- speaking kids (hindi/gujrathi….). Generally getting home late not eating enough or eating most junk ended up lot of food were leftovers. leftover rice with sambhar or rasam is not the one likeable if the quantity of rice is a large bowl, even wasting a morsel of rice could which could have helped a little child to fulfill his hunger many of them who just have one meal a day.  Its tough to make understand  these values to our kids not to waste food.

Coming back to food making a family happy with the food at the same time satisfaction of not wasting food at my home is only attained by using left over rice for fried rice, chitraanna, masalebhath….

Last week I happen to get fresh methi, palak and gogura leaves which were irresistable same time i get all the fresh ones and its makes really hard for me to decide which one to cook. So my family is been having continuous green dishes with palak panneer, Gongura pachadi, Moolangi palya and now its methi rice. All are our favorites now I need to be lucky to get so fresh too esp the methi leaves. 

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All you need
Cooked rice – 2 cups
methi leaves – 1 bunch
paneer cubes – 1 cup
Black Chick peas/ Kala chana boiled – 1 cup
Capsicum cut lengthwise – 1
potatoes cubed and boiled – 1 cup
onions cut lengthwise – 1 big
Vangibhath powder – 1 tbsp
Cinnamon – 1 inch
cloves – 4-5
green chillies(optional)
mustard seeds – 1 tsp
channa dhall – 1tsp
urad dhall – 1 tsp
ground nuts – 10-15
Asafoteida/hing – 1/8 tsp
Amchur/Dry mango powder – 1 tsp
salt and sugar to taste


  •  Sprig out the leaves from the stems of Methi/fenugreek

  • Wash in salt water and let the water strain out

  • Heat oil in Kadai, add groundnuts, channa dhall, cinnamon stick, cloves wait for a while until they change color

  • Add the remaining unrad dhall, mustard, hing. Fry oinions and chillies once the mustard splutter

  • Add the methi leaves and fry until they are cooked once the leaves wilt there will a lot of  water just continue frying on medium to high flame

  • Add caspsicum, boiled potatoes, paneer cubes, kala chana salt, vangibhath powder and amchur powder and fry until all are blended well

  • Continue frying on high flame until the masala flavours into the dish

  • Mix the left over rice, stir well and serve hot with raita of your choice.


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Heres moolangi palya, vegetable fry with radish and radish greens garnished with grated coconut.

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Before I take leave few words on FAHC as i was writing this post i recieved an email from Indira of FAHC funding take a look

banner1small.jpeg is a not-for-profit charitable organization formed in a collaborative effort of the like-minded people from all around the world.  It aims to replace the empty plates of the underprivileged children and replace them with ones of food.  While FAHC addresses the holistic needs of each children it supports, it believes illiteracy, malnutrition, and other concerns can only be addressed when hunger is appeased.

Immediate Mission:

  • Join the fight against global poverty.
  • Help feed hungry children one by one.

Larger Vision: aims to improve the lives of a good many underprivileged children in their efforts to support themselves, their families, and their communities by giving them the chance for better food, better education, better healthcare, and other welfare.

To contribute by donating smilies/chipin please visit FeedaHungryChild also visit Indira’s Mahanandi for details of how this event works.

Thank You 🙂


36 Comments Add yours

  1. Indira says:

    Thanks for mentioning about this fund-drive, Roopa. I greatly appreciate your support!

    Its my pleasure Indira and am happy to support it forth this way 🙂

  2. sunita says:

    Love the rice and of course I vehemently support the cause.

    Thanks Suni 🙂

  3. lakshmi says:

    Awesome looking rice Roopa. It’s close to dinner time and my stomach is growling 😦

    Thanks Lalshmi 🙂

  4. rinasrecipes says:

    Looks yummy!!!

    Thanks Rina Do visit again 🙂

  5. bee says:

    do i see radish? never mind. i’ll focus on the lovely methi rice.

    Yes its radish Bee, due to frying with the green leaves its out coloured with the ting of greens!

  6. musy says:

    Lovely rice recipe, Roopa. Good to see your post after many days!

    Thanks musy, i am missing the blog hopping my reader is over flowing will hook up sometime with week. 🙂

  7. kumudha says:

    I simply adored this dish while growing up in Bangalore.

    I’m so tempted to make this after seeing the wonderful dish in your blog!

    I hope I get some good methi leaves in Indian stores.

    Good luck kumuda 🙂

  8. Asha says:

    That rice is beautiful! Gongura and Methi, tagy and bitter!! Great combo with spicy rice. I can imagine the tatse and so healthy too. Good one Roopa. Thanks. Good to see you after so many days!:))
    Love Moolangi palya.

    reader is filled with o many posts in 2 weeks. The rice was yummy. Got to catch up with the rest of the blogs soon!

  9. kribha says:

    This recipe is really lovely. The combo of methi,paneer, aloo, capsicum, kala channa…sounds too good. When I get hold of methi leaves will surely try it. Thanks for sharing this.

    yes it was just yum 🙂 actually can carry on adding as and all our taste buds require wish too. Do try it and am sure you would love it !

  10. Padma says:

    Mulangi palya is my favo with hot rotis/chapatis…Methi rice looks delectable too! Thanks for passing such noble mssg

    Thanks padma 🙂

  11. Siri says:

    Lovely looking rice dear…
    its so true, we feel so bad even to throw one morsel of rice..

    Thanks Siri yes when we are only two of us it was just nice to adjust the quantity rightly when it comes to kids many times its lot of left over.

  12. sra says:

    Roopa, admire your patience – plucking away all the leaves of the methi and gongura, cooking them, and then the radish and its greens. That dish looks wonderful, the radish got coloured green too, didn’t it?

    wa Sra its during watching tv or playing with my kids to pluck them which gives me time with kids as well the job done. Using the stems for the rice leaves lot of water content so i avoid for rice, Yeah the mooli too turns slight light green!

  13. sharmi says:

    The Rice looks delicious with the methi and paneer combination! the pic is tempting Roopa!

    Thanks Sharmi 🙂

  14. ramya says:

    methi paneer rice is looking perfect. delicious………..hmmm

    FAHC nice to know about ur support for a good cause. I am all for it.

    Thanks Ramya 🙂 lets all join in!

  15. Lakshmi says:

    Rice looks very healthy and delicious Roopa. Nice to know about FAHC.

    Thanks Lakshmi 🙂

  16. sreelu says:

    Roopa one delicious dish, looks very appetizing 🙂

    Thanks sreelu

  17. sushma says:

    Hi Roopa,

    Sumar recipe miss madide..lovely pics, great recipe should try this one.. thnx for sharing

    Well sushma I also have missed too. let me know if you happen to try it !

  18. radhareddy says:

    Lovely rice recipe, Roopa. Good to see your post after many days!

  19. Suganya says:

    Roopa, Thats a gorgeous shot. Love yr colourful rice.

    Thanks Suganya 🙂

  20. Richa says:

    wow! methi, paneer & black chana, Roopa when r u inviting me over for lunch dear 😉

    loved the combo isn’t it 🙂 drop by anytime he he !

  21. Smita says:

    I will de-lurk to leave a comment. Fabulous Blog!!!!!!! Love your recipes + presentation.


    Thanks for the visit Smita! Glad you liked the information 🙂

  22. Roopa dear, nice knowing you too visit Rajeshwari temple!:)) Now I stay around 6 Km from the temple. Even when we stayed in Delhi We used to visit once in a year!:)) Do come to my home on your next trip!:))
    Liked your rice!! nice pictures too!:))

    Thanks Lathaavare! Will see is my schedule meets we will meet. 🙂

  23. Roopa…after a long time and the dish looks so delectable dear….bookmarked it 🙂

    Thanks Sirisha! Glad you liked the rice dear !

  24. Bharathy says:

    Thatz really a lovely,healthy yummy combo..My kids love paneer in anything!!
    ..and also the radish palya combo of the veggie and the leaves..Really nice, Roopa 🙂

    By the way…You are tagged!! 😉 visit mine when free..

    Thanks Bharathy! yet another meme i will check it out 🙂

  25. sandeepa says:

    The rice looks lovely Roopa

    Thanks Sandeepa 🙂

  26. sig says:

    Love the color of the methi rice Roopa! It looks delicious, nice picture too!

    Thanks dear Sig 🙂 glad you liked them !

  27. sia says:

    slurpppppppppp…. enage idella noodi tumba hashu shuru aathu 😉 i dont get fresh or even frozen gongura and how i long for that 😦 u r lucky to get so many fresh greens roopa. lovely lovely array of food. i have bookmarked the rice recipe and cant wait to give it a try. donno how i missed ur post….

    Nin comment nodi enage santhovatu 🙂 howde illi timige sariyagi hodre yella sikthu! ninu food blog desam use madthiya anisthu adralli yenu nan post madidagella back date agogthu have to email indira and ask. Take care madikkale bye 🙂

  28. Happy cook says:

    They just looks so wonderfully delicious.

    Thanks HC 🙂

  29. Grihini says:

    Menthya Soppu and Panner…sakkath combination. Nodalu sogasagide 🙂

    thumba dhanayavadagalu 🙂 try madi nodi nimage ista agatte!

  30. Cynthia says:

    Hey Roopa, I love this dish. I go crazy for rice dishes 🙂

    Glad Cynthia you loved it 🙂 i am lover of mixed rices and so my family too!

  31. Asha says:

    You have been tagged! Check Aroma but do it only if you have time!:))

  32. priyaskitchen says:

    lovely combination….
    Thanks Priya 🙂

  33. redchillies says:

    Roopa, what a combination of kala chana and methi. I mean who knew? I am sure I will be doing this soon 🙂

    Hi RC, thanks dear do try it I am sure you will like it !

  34. viji says:

    Roopa, the rice is too good with the goodies. Viji

    Thanks Viji ! i made youe nellikai rice today turned out very nice !

  35. simpleanddelicious says:

    Never tasted this rice, would love to try..

    Thanks Seena and do try them 🙂

  36. TummyKhush says:

    wow. this looks real yum. i am actually from andhra and stay in bangalore. guess i will keep coming back for more karntaka recipes. thanks for posting

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