ರಾಗಿ ಮಣ್ಣಿ/Finger Millet Halwa

PhotobucketRagi/Millet is most well known for its rich calcium content than any other cereals. In South India it is the most common food fed for growing children. This is even given as one of first cereals to babies for its rich nutrition filled with calcium and iron and protein content. Moreover it is easily digestible from young age to old age even suitable for diabetic patients due to its low sugar content. It is also considered as a poor man’s food too due to its low price compared with other grains available.

Though the nutritious content many of them do not love this as one of the common daily food due to the bland taste or due to not knowing how to make use of them in the right way. I have tried several ways to make use of this grains in our daily food but somehow it has still been a rarely used grain. Making kids love the food has taken the top priority and though there are several ways of cooking Ragi like Ragi Malt, Ragi Roti, Dose, Ragi Mudde, Ragi Kai Unde… Ragi Manni is one of the best ways that my kids love which forms a semi solid state and feel of taste is similar to jelly.

All you need

Ragi – 2 cups

Jaggery – 4 cups

coconut grated – 1 cup

cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp 

salt as required


  • Soak Ragi for 3-4 hrs after washing clean
  • Grind Ragi with adequate quantity of water
  • Strain the liquid and grind the pulp again with 1 cup of water
  • Strain the liquid again, straining the milk from Ragi must be done 2-3 times until the milk goes very light. Discard the millet pulp
  • Heat Jaggery with half cup water until dissolved and strain to remove any dirt
  • Add the Jaggery solution to the milk extract from ground millet
  • grind grated coconut to extract the milk about half cup
  • Add the coconut milk to the Jaggery+ Ragi milk and keep on medium flame stirring now and then
  • The Ragi will start to form slight lumps as you keep stirring the whole liquid will form as a smooth lumpy halwa consistency.
  • Now add a tbsp of ghee and cardamom powder stir well
  • Remove from fire and spread on a plate greased with ghee
  • Let it cool or alternately you can refrigerate for half an hour
  • Now the halwa would have set and ready to cut and serve.





note: This can also be made from Whole Wheat/ Raw Rice


32 Comments Add yours

  1. sreelu says:

    Hmm never heard of raagi halwa. should try it some time might be very good for kids especially

    Hi Sreelu, do try it if you happen to get Ragi there, kids love it

  2. Asha says:

    I think I remember this made at my Mysore ajji’s looong time ago, great traditional dish. Sukhdi I made with wheat flour looks the same too. I will try this sweet, looks good, kids will enjoy it!:)
    How are you? Enjoying the new year celebration there? :))

    Asha this is very common you might have tasted….. Sukhdi has a different consistency as hame of flour where as this is made of milk extract. I am doing fine Asha… oh yeah the new year hols have made a point for me to post 🙂

  3. Cynthia says:

    Well it is about time that you are back 🙂 missed you!

    Thanks Cynthia will keep posting whenever i make something worth of it 🙂

  4. grihini says:

    Hi Roopa,

    Nice to see you back in the blog world. Missed ur recipes. 🙂

    Amma maadthare iddanu. But I dont get ragi here, only ragi flour. Is there anyway we can use the flour to make this?

    Thanks Grihini, next I too want to try with the flour it seems soaking flour you could still extract milk… but not sure of the taste… next time when i try will let you know it could be lot faster than grinding for milk extract…

  5. Daily Meals says:

    Hi Roopa! Ragi halwa looks yummy and seems healthy too… Must give it a try.

    Thanks Viji

  6. Lakshmi says:

    Good to see you back Roopa. I made them once and liked it. Those pics looks lovely.

    Thanks Lakshmi 🙂

  7. Viji says:

    Roopa, they are perfect in shape and consistency. Very nice. Viji

    Thanks Viji

  8. musy says:

    Love the way you’ve prepared this sweet! Raagi is always so fulfilling!

    Thanks Musy, you are right it is worth trying it too.

  9. sushma says:

    Hey Roopa,

    I hope u had a gerat vacasion.. lovely Raagi halbai thats wat v call it my fav….thank u so much for posting.

    Thanks Sushma, Yeah at someplaces they do call halbai too… mainly for Rice we call as halbai….

  10. sra says:

    Hi Roopa, I missed this post – I came by wondering if you had been posting – are you on Taste of India? If not, please enroll there so that we don’t miss your posts.

    thanks Sra, I am not on taste of India. Thanks for the information. I am not in touch looks i have missed it. thanks for the wonderfull info dear 🙂

  11. vanamala says:

    Hey Check out my blog (My Kitchen World), I have a surprise for you
    Have a good day .


    Thanks Mala 🙂 i just picked it up…

  12. Hi Roopa,

    Good to see you back. Ragi Halwa looks delicious. Unfortunately, my hubby does not like Raagi too much…maybe will try it out when he’s travelling !
    BTW, just remembered that you stay at Sembawang ! Have just moved into this area – 2 months back ! Good to know a kannadiga in this area ! Take care, Aparna

    Hi Aparna, glad to know you have shifted nearby! Will catch up sometime 🙂

  13. Archana says:

    Hi, Roopa..
    I love this ragi halwa.. My mom used to make it back in India.. 🙂
    I wish to make it here.. But i’m not able to find the whole ragi.. We get ragi flour here 😦 !!
    Can i make of ragi flour ??

    Hi Archy, hmm i did try making in ragi flour but not with success. I could not get the texture as with whole ragi. IF the ragi flour is very fine it is difficult to get the milk and even the skin comes along so it does not work well. May be if the texture is little like rava you will find some luck. i would be trying this sometime again and will update if there is any success :).

  14. sia says:

    hey roopa, long time no see. hope everything is fine.

    Hi Sia, i am doing fine just that i am hooked up somethings right now i am not able to blog. thanks for dropping by and checking on me

  15. neha says:

    hi roopa,
    ragi halwa looks nice, hope i had this recipe before..
    i have small kids n thus bought ragi powder, but didn’t knew how to cook it, so gave that packet to my frd., now ‘ll buy again n try this….

  16. Ashish says:

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    thanks Ashish, as of now i am not very active on the blog but would like to use the widgets. Thanks for the help do mail me recipeofchoice@gmail.com

  17. eco_smith says:

    My first visit to your blog!!
    E halwa na Naavu Halbai anta kuda heltivi!!
    Lovely dish

  18. Priti says:

    I thought its milk halwa…using raagi is sure healthy ..looks delicious..and simple recipe…

  19. Sudheendra says:

    Nice Recipes.

    Can anyone out there post the recipe for Ragi Chakkali please?

    My wife would like to try it out for deepavali.

    Happy Deepavali to you all


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  21. sheila greg says:

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  22. thekeybunch says:

    I love non-greasy desserts and this is one dish that I relish without feeling guilty…..yummmmmmmm.- Rekha

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  24. Chaitra says:

    Perfect and healthy delight.Thanks for sharing
    Update me in your blogroll.
    Drop in sometime

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  26. Chhaya says:

    Hello Roopa, long time no post..Hope everything is fine at your end !

    1. Roopa says:

      Hi Chhaya ,

      I am fine, thks for dropping. just not getting time to blog. 😦

  27. Knorr Soups says:

    Who would have thought of using millet to make delicious halwa? What a great recipe! Today, with more and more lifestyle related diseases like obesity and diabetes plaguing us Indians, such a recipe would do us a world of good, not to mention cater to our taste buds! For some expert tips on healthy eating habits check out our blog at http://knorratseven.blogspot.com/

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