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My Blogger Freinds

Anita’s My Treasure My Pleasure
Asha’s Aroma
Asha’s Foodies hope
Ashwini’s Food for thought
Cynthia’s TastesofGuyana
Evil Jungle Prince
Bee and Jais JugalBandi
Bharathy’s SpicyChilly
Coffee’s SpiceCafe
Deepa’s Recipes n more 
Hema’s VegConcoctions 
Indira’s Mahanandi
Jasu’s Justforfun
Kanchana’s MarriedtoDesi 
Kay’s Towards a Better Tomorrow
Latha’s La Gourmet
Latha’s MasalaMagic
Lera’s MyriadTastes
Linda’s OutOfthegarden
Maddu’s Ruchi
Maduli’s FoodCourt
Mandira’s Ahaar
Maneka’s keralaKitchen
Maheswari’s BeyondtheUsual
Meeta’s What’s For Lunch Honey
Mythree’s Try This Recipe
“Musical’s kitchen
MT’s MenuToday 
Nupur’s OneHotStove
Paddukotis SpicyAndra
Pooja’s CreativePooja’s
Prema’s Cookbook
Priya’s Dailygirlblog
Ramya’s Cuisine
Ramya’s ManeAdige
Reena’s SpicesofKerala
Richa’s As dear as Salt
RP’s My Workshop
Sailu’s Kitchen
Sandeepa’s BongCookBook
Seema’s RecipeJunction
Sharmi’s Neivedyam
Sia’s SpiceCorner
Sig’s Live to Eat
Shilpa’s Aayisrecipes 
Suma’s VeggiePlatter
Shivapriya’s MyCookbook
Soumya’s Homespices
Sushma’s Recipe Source
Vani’s Mysorean
Vaishali’s Happyburp
Vee’s PastPresentandMe
Vini’s Whirl of Aromas 
Trupti’s Spice who loved Me 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Srivalli says:

    Roopa you have a great blog!….

    welcome Srivalli! thanks for dropping by, looking forward for your visits again

  2. solai says:

    Excellent work.Nice and clear tips.giving tips anticipating the problems that will arise for the beginners is great.

    Hi solai, Thnaks for dropping by hope to see you again! thanks for the apreciation!

  3. umavenur says:

    Nice to see. Good habit and collection is excellent.

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